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Zoe has a very full life – great friends, a good job, and a fantastic relationship with the grandmother who raised her. But while staring down her late 30s, she comes to the realization that the one thing that has evaded her, Mr. Right, may never come along. She decides to fulfill her dream to have a family on her own and makes an appointment with a fertility doctor. As luck would have it, mere moments after the procedure she meets Mr. Right.

The arrival of Stan, aka Mr. Right, in Zoe's life begins her romantic journey in love, in life, and in labor. He throws her plan off course in a way that has wildly comedic repercussions both due to circumstance as well as their contrasting personalities.

"Zoe is a planner,” explains Jennifer Lopez who stars as Zoe. "She decides it's time to have a baby and she sets out to make that happen. Stan, on the other hand, is much more of a free spirit. He's not living out his dreams (he owns a cheese stand at a NY farmer's market) but he's relaxed into his situation. He's not really thinking about the future, and certainly not looking to be tied down.”

Writer Kate Angelo derived the idea for her first feature from witnessing her close friends dealing with thirtysomething female issues. "There is an undeniable biological ticking clock. And, at some point, if you haven't met that right guy by a certain age, you have to consider other options in order to have a family.”

Producer Todd Black (who produces alongside his Escape Artists partners Steve Tisch and Jason Blumenthal) brought the script to Amy Baer, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Films. He credits the material's strength on Angelo's ability to understand where the joke is in a scene but also on her insistence that the script be about something. "It's 2010 and the way a person's life unfolds has no rules – you don't have to get married and then have children,” notes Black. "This project sends that message in a funny and beautiful way.”

"The script definitely rang true to me, having just gone through my own experience of having babies for the first time,” reveals Lopez. "All the little jokes about what it is to be pregnant - being tired, insatiably hungry and the hormonal changes. I could really relate.”

Black recalls his realization after the filmmakers' first meeting with Lopez that she was the perfect match for Zoe. "She literally embodied Zoe and she completely got the script. She understood the humor involved in this character becoming a new mom, and the humorous and scary nature of her having a new lover in her life at the same time.”

Lopez's grasp of the material was important but she also had the right chops for a role that requires the ability to play comedy, as well as more tender moments. "Jennifer can convey the perfect amount of emotion and comedy all at the same time,” says Black. "She's an all around solid actress. Most times you find an actor who can just do the comedy or just the drama. It's rare to find someone who is strong with both.”

Director Alan Poul, who most recently produced and directed such television hits as "Swingtown” and "Six Feet Under,” was particularly impressed by Lopez's fearless approach to the physical comedy. "Jennifer has an extraordinary gift; she can go very far with physicality - with slapstick - while still keeping it grounded in the reality of the character.” It's a talent aptly demonstrated in a scene in which Zoe can't resist an urge to down beef bourguignon using slices of bread as utensils.

When it came time to cast Stan, the filmmakers set out to find a fresh face - someone sexy, funny, strong, yet also vulnerable. It was going to be a challenge to find someone who had the whole package but when they met Aussie actor Alex O'Loughlin, they knew they had found their Stan.

"The minute we had him read with J

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