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Evocative Score
"Oceans'” musical score was written by award-winning French composer Bruno Coulais, who previously collaborated with Perrin and Cluzaud on the Oscar-nominated 2001 nature film "Winged Migration.”

Coulais says he wanted the music to provide an emotional commentary on the astounding action unfolding on screen. "The challenge was to avoid making the music too illustrative. I believe that to make people aware of important causes regarding the environment, it's essential to reach them emotionally first.”

Through his score, the composer says he tried to convey a feeling of the ocean's unimaginable immensity but also of a magical and fragile world that could all too easily disappear. "I wanted the music to evoke a kind of nostalgic feeling, like a distant dream. That's an idea that was suggested to me by the strangeness and splendor of the images.”

On a more pragmatic note, Coulais says he wanted the music to serve as a unifying element for the film's diverse seascapes. To that end, he used a theme and variations approach to the composition, with the film's central motif returning in different forms throughout the film.

Perrin and Cluzaud requested a predominantly orchestral score, so Coulais decided to compose what he describes as "a long concerto for violin and harp.” For the lead parts he brought in two renowned instrumentalists, violinist Laurent Korcia and harpist Marielle Nordmann.

"The soloists bring a kind of dreamy quality to the ensemble but also act as surrogates for the viewer,” says Coulais, "reminding us of our responsibility to take care of our planet. Meanwhile, the orchestra provides breath, power and energy to the images. I also added some synthetic elements for some of the stranger sequences.”

As the film ends, audiences are left with an inspirational message, courtesy of Hollywood Records recording artists Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato. Over the end credits, the pair team up on the original song "Make a Wave.”

The rousing duet was recorded for Disney's Friends for Change: Project Green. The song's lyrics "just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion, a simple act of kindness can stir the deepest ocean,” reflect the primary message of Friends for Change: when people work together, small steps can make a big difference. All proceeds from purchases of the song via iTunes will benefit environmental charities through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.


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