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Iron Man 2: Going Global
The first sequence in which Rourke got to wear the new suit was during the production's re-creation of a portion of the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. In the scene, Tony Stark's day of racing is violently derailed by the mysterious Whiplash.

"The Monaco race to me encapsulates all of Tony's worldly endeavors outside the scope of just Stark Industries and also his passion for racing, something again which was probably passed down by his father,” says Downey. "It's like the Super Bowl, the European Super Bowl and I think Tony participates as a way of letting off steam because so much has been happening in his life. Of course, it turns out to be the worst idea he's ever had.”

"With Tony being in Europe, it makes sense that Ivan could make it down from Russia for the race and we thought it would be an interesting venue to have him show up and change Tony Stark's world as he knows it,” says D'Esposito. "Although Tony escapes and wins the battle, you realize that all Ivan wanted to do was embarrass Tony on the world stage. That was enough for him; he wanted to get his message out there that Tony Stark was not the only guy who has the technology.”

The attack leaves Tony dazed and fending for his life. His only hope comes in using the untested new technology of his Mark V suit. "The Mark V suit is an experimental version that Tony can take anywhere,” says Feige. "It doesn't have the same kind of weaponry and protection, but it's kind of a reserve suit that Tony has been tinkering with for a while. The limitations of the suit are as interesting as the attributes of the suit. Tony takes it for a test ride in battle for the first time, which we haven't seen him do before. It definitely adds to the tension and humor in Monaco when he first faces off against Whiplash on the track.”

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