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When Jen Kornfeldt and Spencer Ames' whirlwind vacation romance keeps going strong after their return from the French Rivera, they decide to get married, looking forward to what any average American couple would: a happy, relatively predictable life in the suburbs balancing careers, in-laws and plans to start a family. But when highly trained, undercover assassins start spraying their home with bullets, and Spencer demonstrates he's no slouch himself when it comes to taking out an opponent, Jen realizes that her husband of three years hasn't been completely honest about his past. That's what launches Lionsgate's KILLERS on its wild, unpredictable ride – and Spencer and Jen towards one undeniable truth: mortal combat is not the time for major couple's therapy. 

"Jen and Spencer have a great relationship and they are really good together and are really loving, fun and charming with each other,” says Katherine Heigl, who co-stars as Jen Kornfeldt. "Then comes the big shocker where she discovers this guy who she thought was just a contractor actually killed more than a dozen people. That's upsetting.”

"It's about two people who are in love and one of them has a secret,” explains co-star Ashton Kutcher. "It's about their ability to coexist and I think everyone can relate to that. Because I don't know of a relationship between two people where there isn't some version of a secret, like, ‘This is my world and that's your world.'”

While KILLERS has no shortage of action and suspense, director Robert Luketic believes the appeal of the film - and the lion's share of the comedy – lies in the thorny issue facing the couple. "It's this great comedic situation where Jen is saying, ‘You've got a lot of explaining to do' while they're running for their lives. And while they're on this adventure, the audience is wondering, ‘Is this relationship going to last? Can it withstand the lie?'

KILLERS was first conceived as an action thriller in the vein of James Bond, but with an added dose of humor. "I wanted the action and the intrigue, where there are stakes and people can actually die, but I also wanted people to laugh,” says co-screenwriter Bob DeRosa. "When you put people who have real issues into that kind of action, they're just naturally going to blow off steam, because otherwise the situation's going to be just way too tragic and scary.” 

But while he was supervising the script's development, producer Scott Aversano realized that the relationship between Spencer and Jen was the freshest element in the story. "I thought, what if you used an action movie as the test for a marriage?” he says. Several rewrites later, KILLERS achieved its appealing mix of relationship comedy and action movie that caught the attention of its two stars. 

For Kutcher, the opportunity to play Spencer was a welcome opportunity after the box-office success of films like WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, A LOT LIKE LOVE and the cult hit, DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? "I haven't played a character like this before. I'd been looking for opportunities to move into other genres, specifically action, adventure, things like that,” says Kutcher. "This was a marriage of the two, so it made sense for me to make an action film that had a comedic tone.”

Aversano agrees that the role comes at a perfect time for Kutcher. "Many of the movies that people remember him for he's playing the wacky dude who seems perennially eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old and he is vastly different than that,” he says. "He is more than ready to transition into a role where he has real gravitas, where he is both a physical presence and is struggling with adult issues.” "He's a genius with comedy,” reports Heigl, "but in this movie he's also got this beautiful balance with being more serious. He's trying to protect his relationship and his wife, and you can really feel how important<


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