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Randy Newman Revisits The Toy Box
Filmmakers Tap Oscar® Winner Yet Again

One of the most distinctive elements of the "Toy Story” films has been its vibrant musical scores and innovative use of songs. Much of the credit for this belongs to Pixar's longtime collaborator, Academy Award®-winning composer/songwriter Randy Newman. Newman wrote and sang the defining song "You've Got a Friend in Me” (an Oscar® nominee along with the score) for the first film (along with several others), and provided the score and moving ballad "When She Loved Me” (an Oscar®-nominated song performed in the film by Sarah McLachlan) for "Toy Story 2.” "Toy Story 3” also brings new musical talent into the fold with a stylish, new version of "You've Got a Friend in Me,” delivered with a Spanish flair by the internationally renowned recording artists the Gipsy Kings.

The big, raucous, flamenco-like version of "You've Got a Friend in Me” was newly recorded by the Gipsy Kings in London at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The Spanish version, "You've Got a Friend in Me (Para Buzz Español),” provides the ideal accompaniment to the excitement and action on screen—a special Latin dance number between Buzz and Jessie that was choreographed by Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani from the enormously popular ABC TV series "Dancing with the Stars.”

Producer Darla K. Anderson says, "Cheryl and Tony were both big Pixar fans, and they were thrilled to choreograph a dance that would be in one of our films. They spent a lot of time figuring out some moves that they'd never done before. They're both world champions, and they came up with some amazing stuff that they had never ever tried before.”

Beyond the cover of his celebrated song, Newman serves up new delights in "Toy Story 3” with his evocative score and delivers another defining musical moment with the new song "We Belong Together.”

"When I was working on the first ‘Toy Story,' I knew it was the best picture I'd ever done,” Newman says. "And that's been true of all the pictures I've done with Pixar. They make really good movies and I can't think of another studio that's ever had ten hits in a row. It's unprecedented. Pixar deserves all the success they've had because they make better pictures than anyone else on the average.”

As with every film he takes on, Newman's job is to help filmmakers tell their story. "When I originally wrote ‘You've Got a Friend in Me,'” says Newman, "I basically reinforced what they told me was the central idea of the movie: it's about the value of friendship and the particular special nature of Andy and Woody's relationship. And in ‘Toy Story 3,' they're examining what happens when that relationship comes to an end. This idea was introduced with Jessie in ‘Toy Story 2.' The nature of lyric writing is that it has to be concentrated. You've got to say what you have to say in a very short amount of time.

"Writing a score for an animated film like this requires more stamina than writing for live action,” adds Newman. "There's more music, and more music with lots of notes. When the characters run, you have to run with them. The filmmakers at Pixar are real good people and I consider myself fortunate to have been along for the ride.”

Unkrich notes, "We have so much history with Randy and it was great to hear new music from the ‘Toy Story' universe. It was very exciting to be out on the floor with the orchestra, hearing the first strains of new ‘Toy Story' music in 11 years. For ‘Toy Story 3,' Randy revisited some familiar themes, but he also wrote a lot of incredible new music. We play the new character of Lotso as a Southern gentleman with a New Orleans drawl. Randy wrote themes for him that make heavy use of the accordion and harmonica and perfectly support his oversized personality.”

The filmmakers and Newman have developed a very collaborative process that ultimately leads to memorable<


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