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In the action-packed adventure thriller "Jonah Hex,” Josh Brolin brings the tough Civil War veteran and bounty hunter to life with a bad-ass attitude and wry humor. A man who has gone to hell and back and has the scars to prove it, Jonah Hex is not your typical hero. In his quest for revenge, he will take down any villain with a price on his head to rid the Earth of all the evil he has witnessed. "He's an absolute complete loner from every point of view,” says Josh Brolin, the acclaimed actor playing the title role. "He's tortured. He's full of rage and guilt. His journey in this movie is personal—he wants revenge.”

Megan Fox plays Lilah, the beautiful yet tough courtesan at a New Orleans brothel who becomes his partner in crime. Together, in a sprawling adventure that takes them to the heart of the deep South, Lilah joins forces with Jonah to bring down Quentin Turnbull, played by John Malkovich, a former colonel in the Confederate army.

Jonah lost his family to Turnbull's murderous vengeance and will stop at nothing to see him dead, but Turnbull has his own score to settle with the gunslinger. When Jonah and Lilah come face to face with Turnbull's mad schemes, Jonah has to draw on all his powers—both of this world and beyond—to stop him. "‘Jonah Hex' is a classic revenge tale with the future of the union hanging in the balance,” says producer Akiva Goldsman. "Jonah Hex has access to the netherworld. He can talk to the dead and is unstoppable, possibly even unkillable, though Turnbull will try. Jonah is a unique hero.”

"There is a spiritual element that follows Jonah everywhere he travels,” Brolin adds, "and no one really knows how he got that way. What is the truth? What's not the truth? Half of his whole background is lore.” The roots of DC Comics' popular and long-running Jonah Hex comic book series trace back to the 1970s. Originated as a purely Western tough, the character has crossed boundaries and genres that steeped him in elements of the supernatural.

The film's screenplay, by the team of Neveldine & Taylor, emerges from the look and tone of the graphic novels but creates an all new adventure for the gunslinger. "People who read the comic came out loving the character,” Neveldine says.

Taylor adds, "We were drawn to the character of Jonah Hex…he's a haunted soul driven by revenge, a man of violence; but he's got a sense of humor too. He's vulgar, he's sarcastic…the flawed human being behind the campfire legend.”

Producer Andrew Lazar, who has wanted to bring Jonah Hex to the screen for almost 15 years, observes, "Jonah Hex is a guy who has his own version of what justice is. He's the kind of guy that would prefer to save an animal than a human, especially if that human is morally corrupt, and is not afraid to kill somebody if he needs to. He has taken many bullets and not died—a guy who's got one foot in the grave, one foot out of the grave. So, between that lore and the scar on his face, he has become this kind of mythological figure in the West.”

"This is a tortured, mutilated man that is tough as nails, can take on anybody and can virtually hear bullets coming at him,” director Jimmy Hayward offers. "He's a hero to some, a villain to most. Wherever he goes, people speak his name in whispers. As Turnbull says, ‘Hex doesn't know how to die.' But as you tear off the layers of Jonah Hex, you realize he's a guy who paid for his role in the Civil War and has redeemed himself, and then had everything taken away from him in a time and place where life is cheap and good men die like dogs. And he wants his revenge.”

The key component in realizing Hayward's vision was the man playing the title role. "When Josh Brolin is playing Jonah Hex, he carries that complete bad-ass attitude,” says Hayward. "He carries the scar as if it's been with him all his life, and all you've got to do is look in his eyes to see everything you need to kn

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