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About The Production
After beginning production on October 12, 2009 in the jungles of Hawaii, cast and crew completed filming on PREDATORS in Central Texas. Director Nimrod Antal, along with his long-time collaborator director of photography Gyula Pados, HSC teamed with many of Rodriguez's regular crew at the latter's Austin-based facility Troublemaker Studios, including production designers Steve Joyner and Caylah Eddleblute, costume designer Nina Proctor, stunt coordinator Jeff Dashnaw, visual effects supervisors Jabbar Raisani and Rodney J. Brunet (the latter of Troublemaker Digital), and Greg Nicotero & Howard Berger of KNB EFX Group, Inc. Since the majority of the story takes place in a jungle, an unusually large greens department, led by Greens Designer Richard Bell, also became a critical component of the production.

The team is filled with unabashed fans of the original "Predator” film. "I think the fantastic thing about PREDATORS is this is a project that's been close to Robert's heart forever,” says production designer Steve Joyner. "This is a film made by fans, for fans.”

"We all were inspired by the original ‘Predator,' adds production designer Caylah Eddleblute. "I've studied every frame of the original. It had great foreground images - always something between the character and the camera. Everything was really structured and had a great architecture to it. When you have that kind of challenge facing you, you want to rise to the occasion.”

The filmmakers had only ten weeks of prep to ready a massive production that encompassed an ensemble cast and multiple creature characters in a stunt-filled, action-packed story; challenging locations in two states; and considerable site prep and elaborate sets construction. Making things no less difficult was their intent to do many of the effects practically or in-camera – everything from smoke to creatures to stunts to explosions. The visual effects team would take up the slack in post-production.

Producer Elizabeth Avellán attributes Troublemaker Studios' ability to produce a quality movie for a reasonable price to the talent and attitude of their regular collaborators. "We took most of our regular crew at Troublemaker to Hawaii because they're amazing. We just have a working environment that's comparable to none. Fox has been so impressed with the working process that we have here.”

Much of the film's visual style was defined by its jungle locations and sets. "Early on, Gyula, Steve, Caylah and I sat down and we tried to think of other films that had epic jungle scenes that were really visually stunning and complemented what the story was trying to achieve,” reveals Antal. "We all agreed that our jungle couldn't be the beautiful and lush; instead, it had to complement the Predator characters and the story. We achieved a lot of that through lighting and composition, but the jungle locations that we found were impressive.”

To find the perfect exotic alien jungle location that would complement the sets and locations in Texas, the filmmakers considered locations in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and even China, before settling on multiple venues near Hilo, Hawaii. "Geologically, The Big Island is one of the newest islands formed so it has very rough terrain and a unique vegetation,” says Joyner. "The locations were very alien, very extreme, and very difficult to work in.”

The Hawaiian locations had to visually flow with the Texas locations, as well as the elaborate Jungle and Hunting Camp set that was under construction back in Austin at Troublemaker Studios. Following a brief hiatus to transport cast, crew, and equipment from Hawaii, production resumed in Austin, Texas on one of the biggest sets ever constructed in the history of Texas filmmaking. Additional multiple interior sets constructed on the stages at Troublemaker Studios, as well as at the neighboring


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