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"You are about to experience something that no human has ever seen.”

People the world over adore their pets. And why not? Just look at them: a steady old sheepdog with a shaggy mop of hair, a soft, sweet purring kitten…such simple creatures, so loyal and loving, and all they ask from us is our protection and support.

Clueless humans! Guess again.

"That picture of domestic harmony is just what they want you to see,” claims director Brad Peyton, who happily exposes the true story of backyard politics in "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.”

The truth is those placid furballs idling on the sofa and goofy mutts chasing their tails are really the paw-soldiers of a vast underground network of canine and feline covert agents, surveillance experts and four-legged assassins of every stripe. Heroes from both sides of the fence, they risk their lives to protect our way of life and uphold the balance of power between mankind's most trusted and fiercely competitive animal companions: cats and dogs.

It's the thin furry line between life as we know it and pure howling madness.

"Once people bond with their pets and get to know their personalities, it's easy to imagine them doing things when we're not around,” Peyton suggests. "This movie is just an extension of that idea—that animals have their own secret lives. Of course, we take it a lot further; we have them using jet packs and rocket cars. But it all comes from that basic curiosity that I think most of us have had at one time or another, wondering what our cats and dogs really do all day. It's why candid clips of animals caught in the act of being themselves are so popular on the Internet.”

Producer Andrew Lazar, who first introduced audiences worldwide to this battleground of paws and claws in the 2001 hit comedy "Cats & Dogs,” says, "The idea that these animals are living such actively outrageous lives right under our noses is what makes it so irresistible. Cats and dogs can save the world while people go about their business completely unaware of how close they came to disaster.”

With that in mind, the everyday activities of the average pet take on new meaning.

Christina Applegate, who stars as the voice of MEOWS agent Catherine, says, "It's absolutely absurd and fantastic, this whole secret high-tech world they have and yet it's presented as perfectly normal. It's as if all that other stuff they do—like purring and doing tricks, or tearing up the yard—is just designed to distract us from what's really going on.”

And what's really going on is nothing less than the endless war between two species at odds since their earliest ancestors sought out the first caveman's campfire. But now, one renegade agent has upped the ante. Determined to not only break the bond between dogs and humans forever but also pit feline against feline, Kitty Galore's bid for global domination could jeopardize the future of all creatures, four- and two-legged alike.

"We don't mean to misrepresent our feline friends as all bad,” says producer Polly Johnsen. "It's just this one cat who isn't quite with the program. As a result, cats and dogs must unite against a common foe and, in fact, it's another cat, Catherine, who emerges as a true hero by being the first to extend her paw to the other side.”

"We thought it was time for them to team up as equals,” adds Lazar.

Longtime James Bond fan Brad Peyton likens this uneasy partnership to that of the classic cold-war era scenarios in which "Bond and MI-6 are forced to collaborate with the Russians to get the über-villain who's threatening them both. They still don't like each other, but somehow they make it work.”

His appreciation for the Bond mystique led Peyton to cast Roger Moore in a cameo role as the voice of MEOWS Chief Tab Lazenby—a tuxedo cat,<

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