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Completing The Team
For Oxymoron Entertainment's first feature film, owner Christopher Malllick partnered with others who would help bring his story to the big screen. Co-Writer/Co-Executive Producer Andy Weiss introduced Mallick to his brother, Michael J. Weiss, an entertainment lawyer who joined as a producer. Weiss is also responsible for introducing Mallick to Producers Jason Shuman and William Sherak of Blue Star Entertainment, who produced last year's Bangkok Dangerous and the hit comedy, Role Models. 

Producer Shuman explains, "William and I love great story-telling. This screenplay was extraordinarily well written. It just popped off the page and knowing that this was partially Chris' story, based in truth, made it all the more attractive.” 

Producer William Sherak agrees, "Jason and I like scripts that tell human stories. The thing that Middle Men does the best is it takes normal people and throws them in an environment that is cinematic, big and beyond what normal people experience. That's what makes it fun for us to be involved.”

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