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Three To Die For: Casting The 'Middle Men'
Luke Wilson, whom many know from films such as Old School, Home Fries, Legally Blonde and Idiocracy, plays the lead character, ‘Jack Harris.' As to his initial reaction to the story, "It always struck me from the start when I read the script that it would be a fun movie to watch. Whether I was fifteen, my age or my dad's age, this is something kind of different that we haven't seen before.” 

As for the two drug-addicted ‘Middle Men' whom Luke Wilson's character gets involved with, the part of ‘Wayne Beering' landed into the lap of Giovanni Ribisi, while the role of ‘Buck Dolby' was taken by Gabriel Macht.

Gabriel Macht, who stars in The Spirit, admits, "I knew that this would be a wild ride in creating the character.” 

Giovanni Ribisi also had great appreciation for his co-stars and said, "In this movie, Luke is better than I have ever seen him. There is all this chaos going on around him, especially with me and Gabriel, but he's the calm in the storm – the guy who sort of made sense of it all.”

The sentiment was quite the same as Luke remembers, "They're both really good actors and it was fun for me. It was like playing sports with someone better than you, which kind of validates your game to work with people that are really good like Giovanni and Gabriel.” 

The producers realized they had something very special with this trio and Director/Co-Writer George Gallo agrees having said, "These guys reached for places that are rare. They worked without filters and came up with some brilliant character traits which add to the fabric of the film.”

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