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The End Product
Producer William Sherak believes, at the heart of the film, "It's a character piece about a group of people who created something truly remarkable in their lives and then had to deal with the consequences of the choices they made.” 

James Caan added, "There's a subtle, honest story behind it all. It's a morality tale in a very immoral way.”

Giovanni Ribisi relates, "It was constant collaboration and building on each other's ideas while we were making this movie. It was a freeing experience for me.” 

Director/Co-Writer George Gallo admits, "What I love about this story is that it's about utter chaos, bizarre characters and people with no filters. It follows your classic hero who wants to do the right thing, but gets trapped in a situation that he has to little by little think his way out of, under insurmountable odds.”

He continues, "This could happen to anybody in today's world. If anybody is honest with themselves, they would've made the same decisions that ‘Jack' made if they were given the same opportunity.”

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