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About The Supporting Cast
Gamble and Hoitz idolize their colleagues, Detectives Danson and Highsmith. The quintessential hot rod stud cops who date models, go to red carpet events, and put on a great show for the city and for Captain Mauch (Michael Keaton), they also have no sense of proportion, causing billions of dollars in damage for small-time busts. "Danson and Highsmith might be the best cops ever to grace the force in New York City, so long as you ignore the billions, if not trillions, in damage they've caused the city,” explains Henchy.

Danson and Highsmith are played by Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson, respectively. Johnson describes them, succinctly: "They're the best of the best. The hell with the rest. Put you to the test.” 

For Jackson, as if the chance to parody his screen persona wasn't enough, the opportunity to do it opposite Ferrell and Wahlberg was irresistible – sort of. Channeling his character, he says, "I really liked working with the tall honky with the Afro and the one who's not as tall with the mean look on his face.”

"Obviously, you could make a legit action movie with Sam and Dwayne,” says McKay. "We kept joking, ‘It'd be called "Critical Hour.”' We'd do the movie trailer: ‘As the clock approaches midnight, where will you be?' For our movie – the whole premise being that the other guys replace the superstar cops – they were perfect.”

Eva Mendes joins the cast as Sheila, the wife of Ferrell's bookish cop. "What people don't know about me is that I will do anything for a laugh,” Mendes says. "Once Adam and Will and Chris knew I was game and that I don't care about looking ridiculous or ugly or silly, it gave them more freedom to go even further with my character. It was a great collaboration.”

"Sheila's a doctor and the all-around perfect wife, perfect for Will's character,” says Mendes. "She performs surgery during the day, then she goes shopping for lingerie, takes a Pilates class and does all of it in time to have a four-course dinner on the table when her husband gets home. She's always looking for ways to make him happy because she sees how exceptional he is.”

"The joke is that no one can believe that this guy Allen has a wife as beautiful as Eva Mendes,” says Ferrell. "Terry can't quite get over that and it becomes a gag throughout the film. All these attractive women stop in their tracks and are always saying hi to Allen and it's driving Terry crazy. Allen is so completely oblivious to what is going on – it's a really fun thing to play.”

When Danson and Highsmith fall out of the picture, there's a power vacuum in the precinct. Hoitz and Gamble are convinced this is their chance to step up – but so are Detectives Martin and Fosse, played by Rob Riggle and Damon Wayans, Jr.

Riggle says his character, Martin, "has the talent, the skills, the intellect, the muscular build, to be a supermodel, really, if he'd chosen that, but he didn't. He went into law enforcement and he wants it all. He wants to be the top dog.”

"And together with my partner, Rick Fosse, we're going to do it,” he continues. "The only thing in our way is Detective Terry Hoitz and Detective Alan Gamble, a couple of real knobs from the department that are a blight, an embarrassment to the force, but they're in our precinct, so we have compete with them.”

"Basically, everything Fosse and Martin do in this movie,” says Wayans, "is to sabotage Terry and Allen, making Fosse and Martin's rise to grace that much easier.”

Michael Keaton plays the precinct's Captain Mauch, a guy who's seen it all and despite his lofty perch is having a little trouble making ends meet. "He's the type of guy who just wants to get to the end of his shift and call it a day, so we wanted to bring in some real world problems with Mauch,” says Henchy. "I come from a family of cops and I know about the pensions and working 20 years and getting two kids through school, so he has a second job at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It's tough to come from running a police precinct and then going to run the housewares section.”

"What I decided,” says Keaton, "is that his second job is not just something he has to do. It's something he loves. He's way more at home at BB&B than he is in the precinct.”

For Keaton, the acting job was a dream. "I got up, I read my Times, I grabbed my coffee, I walked to the set – I love walking in New York. Then I started laughing, right from the time I got on set, and I finished laughing after I got back to the hotel, because I'd be thinking about everything that happened during the day. I stayed in a nice hotel, I went to bed, and I woke up and did it all over again. How great is that job?”

"I've been a fan of Michael Keaton since his stand-up days, and then Beetlejuice and Night Shift were movies I watched over and over,” says McKay. "As soon as he got on set, I thought, ‘Oh, he's still got his fastball.' One of the biggest treats on this movie was to work with Michael Keaton.”

Steve Coogan joins the cast as David Ershson, a banker caught in the middle of a high-stakes crime. "I'm like a British Bernie Madoff,” he says. "He's a stockbroker, trader, hedge fund guy, who has embezzled billions from different people. It's the new bad guy in movies – the financial bad guy.”

In keeping with McKay's and Ferrell's goal of playing the both the comedy and the action as real as possible, Coogan says he walked a fine line. "I did play him quite smooth, quite suave, but also to get the comedy out of it, I hiccupped and tripped over my words occasionally. I tried to find the humor in that, and Will helped a lot. Will shares out the laughs.”

Ray Stevenson rounds out the cast as Wesley, formerly of the Australian Special Forces, who will become an antagonist for Gamble and Hoitz. "My character, Roger Wesley, is Australian, and I decided that he's as dry as the great western desert,” he says. "This is the first full-blown comedy I've done, and it's best to leave the comedy to the people who are so good at it – Adam, Will, Mark, and Steve Coogan, who's very well-known in Britain. The more real I play my character, the more foil they have to bounce off of.”


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