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On Board With Directors Josh Gordon & Will Speck
Berger and Yerxa knew of Josh Gordon and Will Speck from their extensive commercial work, but it was their hilarious figure-skating spoof "Blades of Glory” that made the directors appealing candidates for "The Switch” to all the filmmakers involved. "We thought ‘Blades of Glory' was quite witty and inspired and had an interestingly odd, unexpected premise,” says Ron Yerxa. In "Blades of Glory,” where two men partner up to compete for the national figure-skating championships, the directors explored gender roles and expectations as well as the changing dynamic of adversaries becoming friends.

"We thought they'd be a good match, because they could deal with the outrageous and the physical,” continues Yerxa, "but they also wanted to explore the characters and crisis of conscience and other weightier issues.”

Kahane comments, "Once we all sat down with Will and Josh to hear their thoughts on how to bring this great script to life, it was clear that we had to make this movie.”

Berger adds, "Will and Josh are fantastic collaborators and wonderful directors. They have primarily made a name for themselves in the world of commercials. They have one feature under their belt, ‘Blades of Glory,' which is a mainstream comedy. This was something a bit more sophisticated and I think the direction they are moving toward. They're perfectionists. Ron and I have worked a lot with directing teams and Will and Josh are really unique in the sense that they collaborate very closely, but at the same time they have divided interests, so that Will is more in the arena of production design and costume design whereas Josh is more camera oriented.”

Will Speck, commenting on the film's appeal from his and Josh Gordon's point of view, says, "I think the thing that we thought was different here was that it didn't have a lot of artificial conceit to it. These characters felt real and they felt grounded in the real world. It was pretty much, to us, as it would unfold in real life.”

Josh Gordon adds: "It really is about how families come together in kind of interesting ways. They don't have to follow a pre-prescribed path, and this group of people certainly didn't do that in this movie.”

Some of the cast members commented on the experience of working with two directors:

"Working with two directors was great,” says Jason Bateman. "Will and Josh are a lot of fun and we share the same sensibilities. It was like doing a film with two of your really good buddies. They've really worked out a great system and I'd love to work with another pair. It's much more efficient, you know.”

"The only other time I've worked with two directors was when I did a Gap commercial,” says Patrick Wilson, "with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who did ‘Little Miss Sunshine.' That was the only time I'd ever experienced two directors in the room, so I was wondering how it was going to go, but they get along so well. They're like Butch and Sundance…or Batman and Robin…actually, it's more like Tango and Cash.

Will was the one who'd run in and give the acting notes and Josh handled more of the technical side. They work really well together, which makes it easy on everyone around.”

For Juliette Lewis, it was a new experience. "This is the first time I've worked with the duo, the directing team, and this is a very unique situation. They seem to really agree and the great thing about creative partnerships is they probably have different talents and together collectively create this really creative dynamic. And they're really, really fun.”

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