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About The Location
In the tradition of many classic comedies like "When Harry Met Sally” and "Annie Hall,” "The Switch” was shot in New York City. The filmmakers combined familiar locations with new areas of the city known only by the residents to give the city some extra-fresh appeal. Says Josh Gordon, "We wanted to make sure to find locations in the city that were a little bit less expected and felt like the place that Will and I went to school.” (The two met at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.)

"We shot entirely on location in neighborhoods that made sense for who each character is,” adds Speck. "It was so great to not have to double the city and get only a week to grab exteriors—it's one of the things that really excited us about the movie.” Josh Gordon explains: "A lot of times, like Will said, they'll shoot in another city and then they'll go to New York and just capture the monuments. So you'll have the requisite scene in front of the Plaza and you'll have the big Central Park scene, and for a lot of people that actually live in New York, that's not the New York you usually pay attention to and see. You're usually pretty focused on your own little life and walking through, and we really wanted to capture that kind of New York in this movie, which we called ‘the New York B-sides.'”

Albert Berger comments, "It's been an exciting place to film, and of course, filming with Jennifer Aniston is a trip as well because everywhere she goes, everywhere she is, there's a lot of enthusiasm. A lot of fans. A lot of paparazzi and so it brings an energy to the experience, as if New York doesn't have enough. It's created a really exciting film environment for us. We're really happy with the locations we've found, and for the directors, it was very important to them to find the ‘B-sides' of New York. The New York that hasn't been perhaps overexposed in every movie you've seen, so it was a lot of fun trying to find these locations and even more fun filming there. Because you walk off the set and you're in the greatest city in the world, so what could be better?” "We felt it was important to be true to the world Allan created in his script, so shooting in New York City was our top priority,” adds Kahane.

"I love New York City,” says Jeff Goldblum. "Don't get me started on New York City. I'm staying here now because of ‘Criminal Intent.' So I've been here for nine months and got a place here. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and then after high school I lived here for four years right around this neighborhood on the Upper East Side. Then I lived in the West Village and then I moved out to LA, so I've been there for a while and I have a kind of a base there which I love.”

"I love when movies come here, because selfishly it's just much easier for me to commute and be able to go home. There's nothing like shooting in New York,” states Patrick Wilson. Juliette Lewis echoes Wilson's sentiments. "Filming in New York—any time you come to New York for any reason is always a good time. I mean, it's New York City, but it is a challenge for film companies just in the parking, you know. The energy is so rich and is so vibrant and people and all those cars and the great buildings and spaces, so it's nice that the movie will have an authentic New York City feel.”

Bateman has always wanted to live in New York. "New York City is a place that I've always wanted to live since I was in my teens, but because I did so much television I had to be in Los Angeles and so never got a chance to move out here,” he says. "Now I'm married and have a kid and they're not too keen on unplugging from there and coming here, so I think the best chance I have of living in the Big Apple is doing jobs here, and that was one of the draws to doing this. I think we only went out to Brooklyn a couple of times; it was really neat to park trucks on these streets that are usually so jammed anyway. To own little pockets of the city from day to day really felt like a privilege.”

True to the film's location mission, "The Switch” takes in a lot of New York City—Soho, Upper Westside, Williamsburg, Central Park, Park Avenue, Chelsea Piers, The Meatpacking District, Midtown Manhattan, Queens, and more—making for a visually rich backdrop for the story.

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