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Orchestration For Owls
To score the epic adventures of Soren and the Guardians, director Zack Snyder turned to composer David Hirschfelder, who leapt at the chance. "I got the opportunity to tell the story of a hero's journey through music,” he recounts. "The music had to reflect Soren's dreams, his hope and, starting small, grow into something much bigger.”

"David captured the movie's themes beautifully, complementing both the action and the emotions throughout the story,” Snyder says. Adding to the composer's enthusiasm for the story was the fact that the characters were owls. "There's something mysterious about owls, something very haunting. They carry so much symbolism in our world, and they fly with strength and power.” In order to convey those qualities, Hirschfelder says he "went with natural sounds, incorporating lots of wind instruments, in order to evoke the sense of air and flight.” He also used orchestral sounds in order to evoke the magical qualities of the story.

Hirschfelder worked in tandem with Wayne Pashley. "As a composer writing music for film, you are part of the sound design, and Wayne, in turn, was part of the ‘orchestra.' We're telling a story in sound and really trying to create an atmosphere—the power of the wings, the clashing of the battle claws—so that it all washes over the audience and articulates the passion of the story and the characters.”

"David's music truly underscores what these characters, especially Soren, are learning in this film,” Nalbandian asserts. "That by doing what's right, by believing in yourself, you can overcome what's evil in this world.”

"Soren is the moral compass of the movie,” Snyder states. "It's about family—your true family—and the fact that you can, and should, fight for that.”


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