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Not Your Parents' Wild Wild West

One of the ways in which the filmmakers have clearly made the film a "Wild Wild West" for the '90s is with the addition of its soundtrack, topped with a hip-hop title track from Will Smith that is already soaring on the charts. Smith, who began his entertainment career with witty and humorous rap songs that broke into the highest realms of commercial success, recorded "Wild Wild West" and stars in the accompanying music video, directed by Paul Hunter.

The video is a theatrical mini-movie that, in Smith's words, "continues the fantasy of the movie and adds some other elements to tell another story -- one that's supported by the musical talents involved."

Among those talents are the red-hot R&B group Dru Hill, hip-hop artist Kool Mo Dee and legendary songwriter and performer Stevie Wonder, all of whom contribute their musical gifts to the song. Other famous faces who lent their presences to the music video's opening party scene include superstar producer/performer Babyface, actors Larenz Tate and Alfonso Ribeiro, and Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias.

The film's score, by Oscar-winning composer Elmer Bernstein, blends the cutting-edge sensibilities of the soundtrack with the adventurous Western context of the story to produce an additional dimension of entertainment at every turn.

Concludes Barry Sonnenfeld, "'Wild Wild West' is full of big action, sweeping vistas, eye-popping special effects and inventions, and larger-than-life characters. We tried to give it the biggest, most entertaining frame we could, bring the most talented performers into that frame, and then let the magic and fun happen."


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