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Love In The Afternoon
While Becky Fuller is devoted 100% to her job, she experiences a major distraction in the midst of it: namely Adam Bennett, the uber-hot news magazine producer who becomes the first man in her life who's willing to do battle with her insane, no-room-left, life schedule. Playing Adam is Patrick Wilson, an actor best known for his more dramatic roles including his Golden Globe®-nominated performance in HBO's Angels in America, his role as the comic book character Nite Owl in Watchmen and as a lovelorn husband in the acclaimed Little Children, as well as several Tony-nominated performances in Broadway musicals and for his recent comic turn in The Switch.

Morning Glory was a chance for Wilson to step out into romance. He plays Adam as the yin to Becky's yang, as the amused calm to her frenzied storm. "This was really a new adventure for me,” muses Wilson. "This is the kind of comedy that appeals to me because it's about great story-telling and characters.”

He also had an intriguing personal connection to the subject matter: both Wilson's father and brother are real-world television anchormen. In fact, his father has anchored the nightly news in Tampa, Florida for the last 25 years and Wilson has memories of family dinners with his father in full TV makeup with bits of tissue stuffed in his collar to keep it fresh.

Knowing the news world so intimately, Wilson also was keenly aware of how authentic the depiction of it was in the screenplay. "I was amazed by how spot-on Aline was in capturing the inner-workings of a news show,” Wilson says of the script. "I not only found it very, very funny, I found it really, really truthful.”

He also found that Adam's relationship with Becky was refreshingly honest and adult. "They're two people with completely different kinds of energy, but that's what Adam likes about Becky,” he says. "Becky's got this amazing frenetic energy and Rachel played that so well and so skillfully. All that Adam can do is try to keep her as grounded as anyone can.”

It isn't, of course, an error-free process, but that just adds to the fun… and the building heat. "I think Becky and Adam are dealing with something a lot of people can relate to – trying to get a romantic relationship going while your career is seemingly life consuming,” Wilson observes. "You have this incredibly driven woman who's trying to walk that thin line of common ground between an all-consuming career and an actual personal life. It's messy, it's awkward and it sometimes leads to major misunderstandings, but they're both willing to keep trying again and again.”

Says Abrams: "Patrick took on the equivalent of the ‘girlfriend character' in this movie, but he made it something special: heartfelt, sweet, funny and self-deprecating. I think he's a terrific actor.”

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