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The man perhaps most awed and flummoxed by Becky Fuller is her new boss at the IBS network, Jerry Barnes, who knows her job is beyond impossible and can't quite believe she not only doesn't fail miserably – she actually starts to suceed. Playing Barnes is Golden Globe® winner Jeff Goldblum, who has a knack for making every role he plays, whether comedic, dramatic or both, into something personal and memorable. Barnes might begin as Becky's wary supervisor, but he soon becomes her rather impressed confidante.

"To say Jeff is perfect for this role is an understatement,” says Bryan Burk. "He's so dryly funny and candid, yet charming, it makes him the ultimate ally to gung-ho Becky Fuller. He was a pleasure to work with and we can't wait to work with him again.”

Jerry is up-front with Becky from the start. He tells her that the job producing "Daybreak” will be terrible, the pay will be even worse and that he is nearly 100% certain she will be a disaster and, yet even with all the warnings, she begins to win him over.

"I think Jerry sees right away that Becky is extraordinary,” comments Goldblum. "He doesn't say it, but something strikes him instantly about her character. He sees that she's an incredibly hard worker and he relates to the strength of her passion to do good work, which is something that brought him into the news world in the first place, even though it has changed so drastically.”

He continues: "I think Jerry also sees that Becky is obviously a person who has over-identified with her working life and sacrificed everything else – her love life, her personal life – to it. Her life not only has been put on the back burner; it's been put on no burner! So, I think Jerry is drawn to her potential not just to blossom in the newsroom, but to become a much fuller person. He watches her grow into this amazing, loving, balanced woman.”

Real life followed the script as Goldblum himself was won over by Rachel McAdams. "I was enthralled with the entire experience of working with her,” he says. "She's just terrific and I was thrilled with what we were able to do together.”

J.J. Abrams was excited to see Goldblum so fully inhabit his character. "I've been a fan of his since Tenspeed and Brown Shoe,” he says, "and I think he's spectacular in this. He's wonderfully sardonic and brings something very distinctive to this great mix of characters.”

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