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The Quest For Greatness
Producer Denise Nolan Cascino comments, "I think one of the biggest reasons superhero myths are so popular is that we still love that fantasy that anything is possible. What would life really be like with super powers? We set out to create that kind of fantastic adventure, but without a lot of the dark turmoil that sometimes accompanies a superhero story. Anything is possible in ‘Megamind,' but you'll be laughing throughout the adventure.”

"It's a hilariously funny movie, first and foremost,” observes producer Lara Breay. "But it's also a heartfelt story of love and redemption in which Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and David Cross get to blow a lot of stuff up. A lot of stuff. In fact, one of the things that made it special for all of us who worked on it is that it's the biggest movie we've ever attempted in terms of complexity and the technical challenges we had to overcome to bring a story this epic and explosive to the screen. Of course, moviegoers don't need to know that, or even necessarily care. They're in their seats to see an incredible story, and on that count at least, I hope we've delivered.”

"At the end of the day, the story of ‘Megamind' is about redemption,” concludes director Tom McGrath. "It's basically saying no matter what life gives you and no matter how much you mess up, it's never too late to make the right choices. In the end, Megamind fulfills his true nature and becomes the superhero of Metro City, the one that they never really had. He bumbles a bit, but eventually, he gets it right.”


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