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The Forest For The Trees
At last, Harry is in possession of the third Horcrux, but its very presence has unexpected consequences for the three best friends, who had shared an unbreakable bond…until now.

By definition, a Horcrux is a piece of Voldemort's evil soul, so its entity preys on and intensifies the negative emotions of anyone close to it. Radcliffe discloses, "If someone is actually wearing it, the effect it has on them is that they become angry and paranoid and rather horrible, generally speaking.” Making matters worse, when the young wizards try to destroy it, the Horcrux is impervious to their spells. "They figure out it can be destroyed by the sword of Gryffindor, which, of course, is missing,” Radcliffe says.

Ron seems especially susceptible to its powers. Grint relates, "It's quite a tense time, because they're alone and Ron is worried about his family and frustrated by how little progress they've made. But the locket escalates everything he's feeling. And because of that, he also gets it in his head that there could be something going on between Harry and Hermione. It leads to an intense argument between Ron and Harry where they both explode in anger.” David Barron states, "They've never quite been on their own in the way they are in Part 1 of ‘The Deathly Hallows.' They've always had the protection of somebody, somewhere, no matter how tenuous it was. When they are separated from everyone and in mortal danger all the time, the triumvirate of Harry, Ron and Hermione is more easily sundered, especially when being influenced by the malign powers of the Horcrux.”

Completely isolated in a forest clearing, they at least have shelter, thanks to Hermione's ingenuity. Before leaving the Burrow, she had used an extension charm to turn her small, beaded bag into a proverbial bottomless pit, containing every necessity, from fresh clothing to books, a radio, and even a camping tent. "Every woman would love Hermione's bag because you could carry anything you could possibly need or wish for and it wouldn't weigh anything,” Watson laughs. "She's very clever, that one—always so prepared, always one step ahead.”

Nevertheless, Hermione is unprepared for the fight that erupts between Ron and Harry. When Ron ends it by deserting them, she is heartbroken. Watson attests, "She is devastated and feels abandoned. His jealousy and accusations also betrayed her trust.”

Left alone, Harry and Hermione share a moment that Yates says "kind of encapsulates their relationship. Steve (Kloves) and I wanted to do a scene that showed how close they are without words. Hermione is distraught that Ron has left. There's some music on the radio, so Harry tries to alleviate some of her pain by doing something that ordinary young people do: dancing. It's what you might do for a friend, and Dan and Emma made it very tender and moving.”

The initial forest scenes were filmed on location at Burnham Beeches, in Buckinghamshire. In designing their tent, Craig wanted the outside to be a simple, triangular, two-man camping tent. Magically, however, the inside is not so modest, with multiple rooms that are all furnished. Stuart Craig mentions, "I have to give credit to Eduardo Serra, who photographed the tent perfectly. The lighting was beautiful and subtly varied from day to night and season to season. It's amazing how much richness and visual interest you can get out of a few sheets of canvas.”

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