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Where It Began
Harry's quest has expanded from the Horcruxes to the means to destroy them. Where better to find the sword of Godric Gryffindor than its namesake's birthplace, Godric's Hollow? But Hermione warns him that any place that means something to Harry might be someplace the Dark Lord would expect him to go.

"Godric's Hollow is where Harry was born and also where his parents were killed,” Yates notes. "And he recently learned that Dumbledore had also lived there, which was something he hadn't known. So there's a real confluence of reasons to go there: strategically, he thinks there could be something in that place that could help them on their mission, and, emotionally, he needs to go back.”

The set for the village was designed in a Tudor style and constructed at Pinewood Studios. Craig says, "It has the half-timbered, brick and plastered look that is different from what we've done before, so I was very pleased to embrace it as the style of Godric's Hollow. Pinewood has a splendid garden—part of the original estate before it was ever a studio—with one magnificent, old cedar tree. We decided to build the entire village around that one tree.” Under the branches of the cedar, Harry and Hermione see the cemetery where Harry's parents are buried. Standing by their graves for the first time, he is overcome by emotion. "There is a real dichotomy within Harry,” says Yates. "Being at his parents' gravesite is as close as he has gotten to anything tangible of them, and yet it also brings home the reality of their deaths.”

Meanwhile, something else has caught Hermione's eye, a headstone with a strange symbol on it: a circle in a triangle with a line through it. Before she can show Harry, however, she senses they are being watched. Surprisingly, the figure that emerges from the darkness is a frail, old woman, who beckons them to follow her.

Harry soon surmises that she is Bathilda Bagshot (Hazel Douglas), author of A History of Magic. He goes along with her, believing she could be an invaluable source, not only about the whereabouts of the sword but also about the family secrets of the man he used to think he'd known so well: Professor Dumbledore.

Bathilda's house is as old and decrepit as she is, but there are worse things lying beneath the clutter. Hermione's warnings prove more horribly accurate than Harry's worst nightmares, and they are forced to retreat without getting the answers they seek.

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