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About The Costumes
Two-time Academy Award®-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood lent her talents to create the unforgettable wardrobe for The Tourist. Atwood was assisted by her international wardrobe department team of ten people strong, from the UK, U.S., and Italy.

Director Donnersmarck was thrilled to get his first choice Colleen Atwood: "Colleen Atwood is everybody's first choice for costume designer. She certainly was mine ever since I saw Chicago. She has proven that sexiness and elegance can be one and the same. She can make monkey aliens look sexy – and has. Colleen is the definition of good taste in clothing. Her costumes elevate every film, every scene.”

Keeping in concert with the other departments' goals, Atwood's costumes would be designed with a glamorous feel to it. Each piece would be individually chosen and made to bring out the elegance and simplicity of each character.

Atwood turned to her own extensive fashion photography collection, using the works of Richard Avedon and Louis Dahl-Wolfe for inspiration for her designs.

"My designs are a blend of old world and new world together,” says Atwood. "I did a more classic take on fashion as opposed to the latest greatest trends and brightest colors. I really wanted a nod to the architecture of this beautiful city, and the environment is quite busy. So I kept the look for the cast simple.”

Atwood has created many different looks for Johnny Depp throughout her career, from Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland to the upcoming GK Films release The Rum Diary. She and Depp have a rhythm and communication all their own.

"Colleen understands character, and she can connect to that with colors and fabric and textures,” says Depp. "She provides you with the physical skin for the character, and you combine that with what you're bringing from the inside, and it's a beautiful meeting of the two sides. She changes the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you sit, the way you relate to people. She's quite something.”

"Johnny and I have worked together so many times, but we have never done a contemporary picture. We both wanted to keep his character of Frank Tupelo as real as possible. He is an ordinary guy, so we kept it simple: a classic gray suit, white shirt, dark tie.”

Even for the gala scene, Atwood created a sophisticated streamlined white dinner jacket and trousers for Depp, finished by tailors in London on the famous Saville Row. "A classic palette all the way around,” says Atwood.

Atwood also collaborated closely with Angelina Jolie to present Elise as very much the lady. Says Atwood, "We wanted Elise to be extremely feminine and powerful at the same time.”

Jolie says, "She's a magician with clothing. She has really exquisite taste. I am usually very specific about what I wear and I had a few opinions, but pretty much I let her do her thing. From the first time you see Elise, when she is in a tight skirt and heels, you know who she is.”

The complex dress that Jolie wears in the Gala scene was a gown made of layers of black silk tulle, net, and satin with a pleated layered edge. Atwood and her team took weeks to make two of these Gala dresses all by hand. The gown hung delicately off her shoulders framing her face along with the extravagant antique diamond choker. "We wanted a dress that was really feminine, that harked maybe to another time and elegance, but didn't take away from the necklace. It framed her face and body beautifully.”

The same black gown that the character of Elise dances with Frank at the Gala also carries over to the action sequence that is the climax of the film. One of the gowns was used for close-up shots, and the exact replica of the same gown used for more stunts and action packed moments.

Besides dressing Jolie and Depp for the Gala scene, Atwood and her wardrobe department had their work cut out for them when designing costumes for the Gala scene. This black-tie affair would feature more than three hundred extras, along with a very beautifully outfitted Elise and Frank. Fittings for the extras began a month before the Gala scene was shot.

Atwood dressed the women background Gala extras using a very controlled palette of floor length evening gowns, many of them designed by Alberta Ferretti. Each gown was hand- tailored to each background extra weeks before the scene was shot. Special attention was paid to the gowns for the dancers who had to be able to move to the music with ease. Lycra panels were added when necessary and hems were slightly raised. But Atwood did not design every costume in the scene: Paul Bettany wears his own Ozwald Boateng-designed tuxedo for the sequence.

All of Jolie's clothes in the film were designed for her and made by hand – with one exception: a vintage 1950s Charles James gray dress. Atwood couldn't resist using it in the film. Atwood says, "She literally walked into this dress. It was meant for her.”

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