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About The Score
Oscar®-nominated composer James Newton Howard provides the score for The Tourist. "James Newton Howard has been one of my favorite composers ever since he made me cry during My Girl, made my heart race during The Fugitive and made it almost stop during The Devil's Advocate. The creative exchange with him felt like the reward for all the hard work we put into making the movie,” says Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

"When I met Florian, we talked about the setting of the film and the kinds of rich, romantic overtones that we could apply to Venice, but also the city's dark romance, the idea of a past glory. There's a tension there that gives a real sense of urgency to the score.”

"The challenge for any score is to find a tone that is unique and individual to that particular film,” says Howard. "I also try to give the music a validity in its own right, give it a life, beyond the film – really, to give it integrity, as music.”

It is the work of the score, of course, to add depth to the characters. "Elise is really in control – she's very confident,” says Howard. "That's one of the things I wanted to express with the music – the audience might not always be 100% certain what she's up to – and she does have some moments of vulnerability that come through in the music – but essentially her character was about control. Frank, in the beginning, is about warmth and solidarity – he is a constant presence in a tumultuous, chaotic cast of characters.”

For the film's central gala sequence, composer Gabriel Yared, who won an Oscar® for his score for The English Patient and has been nominated by the Academy two other times, provided the music. In London a month prior to the sequence being filmed, he recorded an orchestra of twelve cellos, four mandolins, one stand-up bass, and a harpist. "I was so happy to work with Gabriel again after The Lives of Others. The beauty of that piece helped me convince Johnny Depp to actually dance on camera – not a small feat!”

The Italian choreographer Luca Tommassini, who has toured with Madonna internationally, worked with thirty professional dancers to create the synchronized dance for the scene. The choreography reflects a mix of styles, ranging from waltz to tango. Tommassini also rehearsed and worked closely with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, neither of whom had much dancing experience. By the time the cameras were rolling, they fit right in amongst the professionals.


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