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Grid Lifestyle
The most important unifying element in the Grid is light. "In our film light links everything together. There are ribbons of light that form beneath the street then crawl up sidewalks and buildings, continuing for miles up into the city,” comments production designer Gilford. "Streetlights arise out of and wrap over the street to give the illusion they're cradling the street.”

At the End of Line Club at the top of the Grid's mile-high skyscraper, light is embedded in almost every surface: ribbons of light wrap around the floor and ceiling and around the booths. Even the drinks are illuminated. And the club's roof and walls are glass, offering a view of the city lights and the beacon of the distant portal.

But the element of light is perhaps best identified in the lit suits, which were a challenge to construct. Lead concept artist Neville Page and director Kosinski believed the suits they conceived could be made and shot "practical,” that is, without the use of CGI—so the designers went to work to make them a reality.

In the end the lighted suits were created by using electroluminescent lamps made from a flexible polymer film. Most of the form-fitting suits were made out of foam latex, but the Sirens' suits were made by spraying balloon rubber over spandex, giving an incredible, supersleek shape. The actors wearing those suits had to be severely compressed within the suits to compensate for the bulk of the electronics.

"In addition to the main cast costumes,” adds Christine Bieselin Clark, who worked with the film's costume designer Michael Wilkinson, "we also built all of our background costumes. Once you go into the Grid, everybody has some element of light. We ended up making over 140 foam suits, which there is no precedent for.”

The body-molded suits with their distinct lighting patterns are influencing clothes and shoe designers, with "TRON: Legacy” fashion elements showing up on runways and in fashion magazines. The distinctive hairstyles, such as upswept hair, and the bold eye-makeup treatments are setting new style trends around the world.

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