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Costume Facts
Programs loyal to Clu wear black suits lighted with oranges and reds—the colors of Clu's domain. Clu is the only one lighted with yellow—a sign of his supremacy. The colors of the Grid-dwellers are the cool whites, blues and silver.
Because donning the suits was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, special inversion boards were provided to allow actors to get off of their feet and recline without endangering the costume.
 It took a team of hair and makeup artists—along with two dressers for each "suiting”—about three hours to transform the actresses into the mysterious Sirens.
The helmets worn by the actors were especially designed by the costume designers to coordinate with the characters and the look of "TRON: Legacy”—no stock helmets were used.
"It is an amazing landscape. It's expanded, it's grown; it's darker, more sophisticated. But also it has developed free of the Internet. This is not a movie about the Web. This is a world that has grown almost like the Galapagos Islands on a server, and become something very potent and unique.” —Sean Bailey, producer

The architecture of "TRON: Legacy” features minimalist interiors and modern, light-enhancing building angles with extensive use of architectural under-lighting and lighted floor track lines. In Kevin Flynn's safe house, neo-Victorian furniture is featured in the minimalist interior, creating a look that blends the old with the new.

Given his architectural background, it's no surprise that director Joseph Kosinski admits Flynn's safe house is his favorite set on the movie. "It's just a gorgeous set. It was one that I actually just sketched on a scrap of paper as a look when we were doing the VFX test before the movie even started. The idea is that Kevin Flynn is trapped in the world of computers, so he's tried to create a space that has hints of the real world. The furniture, the food, just the feel is like something only a human being in a digital grid would try to create in order to make themselves feel as comfortable as possible.”

Grid-dwellers entertain themselves with gladiator-like games, where combatants square off against each other with light discs and batons, and enjoy watching deadly Lightcycle races in huge stadiums with multilevel tracks. The games are an important part of the Grid-dwellers' lives and their principal form of entertainment in the boundary-defined digital grid. Kosinski and his design teams worked to bring the games and races to a whole new dimension…literally. "We wanted to evolve these games by taking them off a two-dimensional plane and moving them into three dimensions, so you end up with a three-dimensional chess game in terms of choreography. For instance, in the Lightcycle match we've got ten Lightcycles going simultaneously on a multilevel grid,” explains Kosinski.

As long as they are on the Grid the programs are enhanced and surrounded by light, whether they are walking on the city streets, viewing the games, or relaxing at the End of Line Club—but off the Grid in the Outlands, only darkness and treacherous terrain await.

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