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An Unexpected Connection
One of the most challenging roles in RABBIT HOLE went to the film's young newcomer Miles Teller who portrays Jason, the teenager whose life takes a fateful turn when he is driving just as the Corbett's son bolts into the street after the family dog. Trying to cope with the paralyzing guilt, Jason tentatively reacts to Becca's unexpected contact with him with pure honesty that comes in the form of a confession, as if declaring more guilt will ease her pain. And yet somehow their connection seems to do just that. Teller, who was a student at New York University when he auditioned, makes his feature film debut in the role.

"I think Miles will be an exciting new face for audiences,” says director Mitchell. "He embodies this teenager dealing with a life-changing event so beautifully. He's very young but in his eyes you really see that he's lived through hard times. He and Nicole developed a kinship that is palpable.”

Kidman felt at ease with Miles from the start. "He's a real discovery,” she comments. "One of the beautiful things about him is that he blushes and we captured that on screen. I love that because to see an actor's skin change color is a great piece of acting. To be able to grab that magical moment makes the emotions so true.”

Adds Aaron Eckhart, "Miles has an incredible road ahead of him. His scenes with Nicole are tender and human.”

Teller was also drawn to the secret but necessary relationship Becca forges with Miles that gives them both a much-needed chance to share the burden. "To me, the story is in part about how you can make connections in a time of tragedy that you might never have made under ordinary circumstances,” he explains. "Jason forges a relationship with Becca that seemed at first like it could never happen. But it might be just enough to get them through today and into tomorrow.”

Also rounding out the cast in supporting roles are Sandra Oh (Sideways, Grey's Anatomy), Jon Tenney (The Closer, the upcoming Green Lantern) and Giancarlo Esposito Breaking Bad).

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