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A Mechanic's Legacy
For West, The Mechanic was a chance to direct a film "that operates on many levels and can appeal to different sections of the audience.” The Mechanic promises to offer up just that. According to West, "You can go along and enjoy the ride, but if you want to dig a little deeper there's plenty there for you.”

Irwin Winkler agrees and adds a personal lament on the experience, on behalf of himself and Robert Chartoff: "It's wonderful to have a legacy to have your children involved in the making of a film that you originally made. Here, it relates in a strange way to the film itself where there are significant father/son, passing down parallels in the story.”

 Perhaps Jason Statham best sums up the assignment of bringing The Mechanic back to the big screen – "The story has great universal themes of revenge and redemption but the main intention was to make an action movie, an action thriller, that we could all be proud of. There are die-­hard fans of the original who will obviously want to see the film but now there's a whole new generation of people out there who will be introduced to this great story.”


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