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Getting In The Action
Aside from the drama of the relationships, the making of "I Am Number Four” required many different types of action sequences based on the needs of the characters in the story.

Actress Teresa Palmer had the majority of the stunt work to do in the movie. She began training about two months before shooting commenced in Pittsburgh. Explains Palmer: "I didn't want to do Six the disservice of not knowing how to fight, so I worked with Peng Zhang, a talented fight coordinator who specializes in martial arts. We worked extensively for a few months, concentrating on kicking form—side kicks, back kicks, front kicks—and then putting that together with sword work to create the fierce action. I also worked hand-in-hand with the stunt team lead by action coordinator Brad Allan, who trained me to be able to work like one of them. Our goal was to turn me into this character, not to fake it.”

Alex Pettyfer also had several stunt scenes he needed to master. His favorite was being thrown backwards into the school lockers at 40 miles an hour. "The action is so much a part of the scene, and you're so involved in it as it's going on all around you. That pressure really upped the adrenaline, although jumping off a cliff backwards was one of the scariest things I have ever done,” says Pettyfer.

"I'm twenty years of age and I'm just a big kid. Not many guys get to experience what I've experienced. To go on a movie set and run around, and play with guns and jump off cliffs— that was really fun.”—Alex Pettyfer

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