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"Legacies" Come To Light
Although Lorien is located in one of the furthest galaxies, it is very similar to Earth in that Loriens breathe air and look exactly the way humans on Earth look… but that's where the similarities end. Each of the nine children who managed to survive the destruction of Lorien and escape to Earth possess different unique abilities called "legacies.”

"An interesting thing about the legacies is that ‘the nine' aren't really sure what abilities they are going to inherit,” says Caruso. "As they mature and reach their teenage years, they start to discover things like lumen in their hands. It's kind of painful, and they don't really know what they're supposed to do with that yet.”

"When I moved to Paradise, Ohio, and become John Smith, I begin to experience intense emotions that are triggered by Sarah,” says Alex Pettyfer. "I have these emotional highs and lows, which have built up from a mixture of jealousy and the fact that I am falling in love with her, and these intense emotions set off my abilities. The first time it happens is when I am in class one day. Mark, who used to be Sarah's boyfriend, starts to really bug me and get on my case. I start to have this weird feeling. My hands begin burning and I am sweating profusely. As I run out of the room, I open up my hands and they burst out this light.”

Recalls Pettyfer, "I remember before I began working on the film, I was at dinner and I was putting my hand over a candle to see what it would feel like. Of course, I burned myself but that gave me a way to understand it. I realized that the lumen is not only a source of light but also a source of fire. I wanted to bring across in the film that the legacies are really painful while I am learning how to use them.”

The goal of the filmmakers was to make these abilities organic; for example, making the light appear to be coming out of Alex Pettyfer's hands in a natural way. Director of Photography Guillermo Navarro explains his approach: "The character's hands light up and become light sources, so we played with how that affects him and how it affects the environment. It was very tricky to find a way to patch a light to his hand without burning him, but once we figured it out it was very cool.”

"I also have telekinesis, which I discover in a humorous way,” Pettyfer says. "I have a big argument with Henri and pin him up against the house before I realize what has happened.”

"Number Six has the ability to make herself invisible,” explains Teresa Palmer. "She can disappear and then reappear in another part of the room. It's basically teleporting. It's an incredible skill to have in a fight because she will be in the middle of battle, then suddenly she will disappear as they are about to strike and then reappear behind them, giving her final blow to their back. It's a very useful power and looks great on screen.”

"We had to figure out the technique of getting Six to appear and disappear,” Palmer continues. "It was a great learning curve for me. There are some CGI elements and some physical SFX involved. It's always challenging working against a green screen, but it was very cool.”

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