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Costumes By Design
The key to costuming the main characters of John and Henri was to make them as nondescript as possible. "They have been traveling all over the world to escape the Mogs,” explains Costume Designer Marie-Sylvie Deveau. "It was very important for them to fit in, particularly John, because he is in high school. We decided that Henri would have a different profession wherever he goes. So when he arrives in Paradise, he's a writer, so we gave him an artsy look, with sweaters and loose pants.”

"Sarah's character is romantic and soft,” explains Deveau. "Even though she lives in a small town, she would look on the Internet to see what she would like to wear if she lived in New York or L.A. She has kind of an edge, and she stands out a little bit because she has a style of her own, but it's soft, like her personality as an artist and a photographer.”

"Number Six has a really hard sexy, edgy look about her,” says Deveau. "We felt that she had traveled all over the world and picked up her look in Berlin.”

Deveau continues, "She's one of those hero characters that always wears the same thing. She doesn't have a guardian anymore, so she is more stylish and she doesn't care if she gets noticed. There's a complete contrast between Number Six and Number Four as it's really important for John and his guardian Henri to be unnoticeable and to fit in.”

The filmmakers wanted Number Six's style to be unique. "She rides a motorcycle so everything is dusty, ripped and very fitted. She wears things that are very sexy and contemporary, but there are details that are confusing, so you don't really know where's she's from. The design of the costume had to be closely coordinated with the stunt coordinator to make sure that she was able to do all the wire work and tumbling required of the role,” explains Deveau.

Teresa Palmer was very happy with the look. "As soon as I read the script I had such a clear idea of who she was and what she was going to look like,” recalls Palmer. "Luckily, everyone else was totally on the same page. She is just such a bad-ass chick. She wears low-slung, tight black jeans with a big belt and a chain dangling down. I wanted her to have a tattoo that was easily visible and a skeleton ring. She is definitely out there.”

Palmer adds, "When I got to Pittsburgh, I started dressing more like Number Six with heavy boots, dark eyeliner and messy, straggly hair. I had to have extensions, which were a bit uncomfortable, but just perfect for the role.”


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