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The Eagle Has Landed
Duncan Kenworthy says, "Producing is usually a series of painful moments separated by occasional pleasures. This time, though, even when times were tough there was always pleasure, because with this team of brilliant, committed people I'd finally managed to do what I'd dreamed about for all those years – bring this great story to the screen.

"One of the things I most appreciate about Kevin Macdonald as a director – one of the things that mark him as special – is his drive to make every scene count. Nothing gets in the way of the storytelling. He wants to intrigue, move, and entertain you at every turn. I hope – I believe – that The Eagle does just that.”

Macdonald offers, "The Eagle has a story that grabs you from the beginning, and you don't know where it is going to take you. It's also a serious character study. "Above all, though, this is a rip-roaring tale!”


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