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Zackary Gordon Is The Wimpy Kid
"It's hard from me to look at the Wimpy Kid books now and not think of Zach [Gordon],” says Simpson. "I think he's the perfect Greg Heffley. He's brought a depth that was essential to role. Zach has a little bit of Greg in him – that's the key thing. He's a fast talker and often looking for an angle. Zach doesn't have some of Greg's hard edges and he has the ability to deliver some of the ‘Greg lines' that can read as being harsh, but when delivered by Zach, you see that they come from him wanting to fit in. Greg isn't mean; he's just struggling, like every kid, to find his place in the world.”

"One year later and Zach is still Zach,” says Nina Jacobson. "He's a little more confident and he still has great instincts. Zach stepped into Greg's shoes very comfortably and easily. He still wants to exceed expectations, but he has less to prove.”

"Greg Heffley has definitely changed since we saw him in the first movie,” says Zachary. "In the books, he pretty much stays the same but, for the movies, we wanted him change at least a little bit. This time, he and Rowley don't have as much conflict. Greg is no longer being humiliated every day and he's kind of got the school-thing down.”

Like Greg, Zachary also changed between the two films. "He's a year older and, at this age, a year means a lot for kids,” says Simpson. "Zach still has spark and energy and he's still excited to be here, but he's a little more mature and a little calmer. But he's still, basically, Greg Heffley.”

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