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Loded Diper Rocks!
Rodrick's primary interest – apart from making life miserable for Greg – is the elder sibling's band Löded Diper, in which he serves as drummer. The band members are neither polished nor innovative, but they are enthusiastic, and Rodrick is its heart and soul. He spends more time practicing his twirls and looking good as a drummer than he does on drumming. In fact, the entire band spends more time thinking about how they look on stage than they do on actually creating good music.

Like his on-screen alter ego, Devon embraced being a rock-n-roller. Says Simpson: "Devon really studied the drumming intensely because, even though we wanted him to be a not great drummer, he had to play with conviction.” For a month, Devon squeezed in as many drumming lessons as possible. He proudly notes, "In real life, I became better than Rodrick, and in only seven days of practicing!”

Jeff Kinney, who wrote the lyrics to the band's signature tune "Exploded Diper,” says, "Rodrick thinks the band is his ticket to the big time. He pins all of his hopes on a big local talent show. It's Rodrick's great passion and what he cares about above all things.” Devon loved the band's big number because, "It's so grand and yet sounds so lame!”


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