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The Haunting
"The Haunting" centers on four people who are drawn to the foreboding mansion known as Hill House for reasons they think they know—though what they believe and what is real may not be the same

"The Haunting" centers on four people who are drawn to the foreboding mansion known as Hill House for reasons they think they know-though what they believe and what is real may not be the same.

One who has every reason to believe he alone knows the truth behind their visit is Dr. David Marrow. While Marrow has told the others they were recruited for a sleep disorder study, he is secretly observing them for a book on fear.

Liam Neeson, who stars as Marrow, reveals, "In order to study their reactions, Marrow suggests certain half truths about the history of the house, but assumes he will be in complete control of the situation. He doesn't believe in ghosts. He is a scientist; everything can be explained.. .which is totally contrary to my own upbringing because I'm Irish and grew up believing in fairies and goblins. I also loved scary movies as a kid, so it was great to be part of this one. It was thrilling to read a script and get chills up my spine, and I totally trusted what Jan would do with the film. He's a great storyteller."

Susan Arnold comments, "In casting Marrow, we needed somebody who has a built-in authority someone you have an immediate trust in. Liam is a wonderful actor who has the ability to make you feel that you are safe and in good hands, but that there might be more going on beneath the surface."

Of his study subjects, there is no one more trusting of Dr. Marrow than Nell, played by Lili Taylor. Taylor explains that Nell hasn't the life experience to sense any duplicity in him. "Nell has been shut in taking care of her mother, so this is her first real exposure to the world. She has a very different dynamic from the other three, kind of wide-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed. But at the same time, she is feeling things and picking up on things in the house that the others don't really believe.. .at first.

Roth says, "Nell is a very complex character, and we were so lucky to get Lili Taylor, who is such an extraordinary actress, to play her."

"Nell had to be very vulnerable, very fragile, yet have an inner strength that reveals itself as the story progresses," De Bont notes. "It is very hard to find all that in one actress, but Lili was fantastic. She put it all together."

Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as Theo, the brazen young beauty, who, Susan Arnold observes, "is everything that Nell isn't. Catherine really captured the essence of Theo-her exuberance, her beauty and her love of life."

Zeta-Jones remarks, "When I read the script, I loved that it was a completely different genre from anything I'd ever done, and I especially loved the arc of my character. Theo appears to be very up-front. She's wild and fun, but it's all a pretense, an imaginary game she's made up to call her life. When things start to happen, a lot of those pretenses and barriers get broken down."

Bringing a cynical edge and irreverent humor to the group is the character of Luke, played by Owen Wilson, who has seen enough of these studies to know there's more here than meets the eye. "Owen is really somebody special," Roth says. "He's bright and funny and witty, and has a wonderfully skewed view of life that was perfect for the role."

"Luke volunteers to participate in paid psychological experiments to make money," Wilson notes. "He's been through tests like t

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