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The Sounds And Rhythms Of Rio
The musical artists in RIO were cast with the same care as the actors; in fact, in several cases, those two areas intersected. Leading the musical contributions is "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party),” an original song by (as the redheaded bird, Pedro) that he sings with his "sidekick” Jamie Foxx (as the canary, Nico). R&B/pop star Taio Cruz contributes an original song, "Telling the World,” which captures the film's beating heart. Sergio Mendes adds a new recording of his classic bossa nova hit with Brasil '66, "Mas Que Nada.” Mendes, who serves as the film's executive music producer, brought in Carlinhos Brown to further shape the film's music and sound.

For Mendes, working on RIO was especially rewarding. "Carlos' passion for this film has been inspiring, and it's been a joy to watch him bring it to the screen. I have spent much of my life exploring the musical wonders of this world, and RIO has been another exciting path on that journey.”

The cast and filmmakers were similarly inspired by the chance to collaborate with Mendes and the other artists. Says Anne Hathaway: "RIO has a totally modern sound, and it was amazing to experience this coming together of styles to create a new kind of ‘fusion music'; it all adds wonderful textures to our story.”

Along with these collaborations came the challenges of coordinating the tight schedules of the artists. For most animated features, the actors or musicians record their dialogue or pieces individually. But for the "Hot Wings”/club scene, recorded with Foxx and, separately, with Hathaway (who makes her big screen singing debut!); those pairings helped fully capture the scene's energy and rhythms.

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