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Finding History
The Conspirator is The American Film Company's first feature. Joe Ricketts, the founder of Ameritrade and whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, established the company in 2008 to produce engaging, historically accurate films from America's storied past. "Real life is often more compelling than fiction,” says Ricketts.

From Solomon's perspective, "This movie came about because Joe Ricketts created The American Film Company.” TAFC doesn't treat historical stories like distant relics. "TAFC knows these stories have tremendous relevancy and resonance with the present,” adds Solomon.

Remarks Falk, "The script for The Conspirator had been around Hollywood for a long time. Someone had seen it and thought we should read it. I honestly felt it was probably the single best unproduced script I had ever read.”

This is just the kind of story TAFC was created to make. Webster Stone, the third member of The American Film Company's executive team, notes that the company will continue to choose from a wide range of historical stories and they plan to explore diverse areas and eras. Falk agrees, stating, "I think that it's not just that truth is stranger than fiction. I think in a lot of ways truth is better than fiction.”

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