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A Quick Start
The American Film Company knew this project was going to need a very special director. "It required somebody passionate about history and the American story,” says Falk. "We thought there was little opportunity to even reach out to a director of Robert Redford's caliber, but true to how compelling and interesting this story is, Bob read it and responded so positively that it set in motion the plan to get this film made.” In fact, Redford only took four days to read the script and request a meeting.

"The American Film Company came to me because of my experience with the kind of filmmaking they wanted to do.” Not just as an actor in films like All the President's Men and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, but also as the director of Quiz Show and producer of The Motorcycle Diaries and A Civil Action, Redford found The American Film Company to be a natural pairing "History is a source of great stories that often seem to relate to where we are today,” says Redford, "Even more interesting, once you immerse yourself in a bit of history, you find the accepted narrative isn't always the real story. There is usually another story beneath the one you've been told or the one you think you know.”

In early 2009, with Redford on board, everyone wanted to get right to work. Though it was already spring, Redford wanted to try to finish the film before the end of the year. Jeremiah Samuels heard about the movie at the end of July. He read it quickly and just as quickly committed to it. "It's such an incredible piece of material and even though we had a really short amount of time, I said I'd love to do it.” One day at Redford's Wildwood Entertainment office, Executive Producer Samuels remembers Redford asking him if he thought the schedule was feasible. "Bob said to me, ‘Do you think you can get this movie together in the time that we've got?' and I said I was pretty sure we could, but told him we can't make any false steps. From that moment on, we've been in a dead run and it's been a blur.”

"Everybody in the room saw no reason to delay,” remembers Falk, "We didn't have everyone on the cast in place when we started, but we were able to play the odds a bit because everybody was so passionate about this project.” Still, he adds, "the biggest challenge was setting up a period piece in the short amount of time we had to recreate a world that no longer exists.”

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