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"Disneynature films are story-driven,” says Disneynature President Jean-François Camilleri. "‘African Cats' is an incredible drama with great characters and powerful images and belongs on the big screen. Story really is key—whether it's an animated film, a comedy, a thriller or a nature film, people go to the cinema for great stories.”

Adds Fothergill, "With lions and cheetahs, we're able to tell a story that is not only very exciting but true, and that's wonderfully appealing. There is so much artifice in cinema these days, so much CGI, so little of that is real, but none of the behavior and none of the images in ‘African Cats' are manipulated. Everything is factually accurate.”

By working with the best wildlife directors, says Camilleri, Disneynature offers nature as never seen before. "I think the film's message is that nature is beautiful. There's no preaching about doing this or that to protect the environment, but I think if people come out of the movie just marveling at the beauty of this world they have just seen on screen, then maybe they will want to know more about how we can protect it.

"So many people live apart from nature these days that a film like this is a wonderful escape into the natural world,” Camilleri continues. "It's a movie for everyone. It's a great family movie, of course, but anyone who loves nature, anyone who loves a great story will enjoy this film.”

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