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The Bridal Shower
Though Annie is the maid of honor, Helen is determined to host the most over-the-top, garish bridal shower anyone has seen at her Tudor revival mansion. As the team created the design, they wanted to bring forth the best bad ideas from their collective experiences at these types of events. Feig says: "The shower was a big set-piece scene with a lot of people in a big location. It was a great arena for Kristen to go crazy with her physical comedy. We just turned Kristen loose and put two cameras on her.”

What was challenging was that all six of the film's main characters are in these scenes, and DP Yeoman's team had to capture the principals' interactions with the supporting players. Feig notes: "The first takes of Kristen's blowout at the shower were very dramatic. They were touching and moving, but then we thought, ‘Let's go for ones that are a little funnier.'”

The production designer was tasked to design alongside the jokes. Sage explains: "It was intentional to pull a lot of the same colors into Helen's house as we have in the bridal shop, as that's an extension of Helen's universe. As Annie comes into Helen's world, the tension builds. She's on this visually unfamiliar ground that's designed to make her uncomfortable because it's so not her character.”

When Annie rides into the bridal shower (on a horse, obviously), she sees that Helen has stolen all her ideas about bringing the city of Paris to Lillian. Not only has Helen redone her home since Lillian and Dougie's engagement party, the mansion is dripping Parisian. The terrace is set up like a small café, and gorgeous pavilion tents and kiosks with Parisian references dot the grounds. Of course, a miniature Eiffel Tower has also been set up. To add insult to Annie's injury, in the middle of it all is an enormous chocolate fountain. Made of marble stone, the fountain is 7-feet tall, with melted chocolate pouring out. Annie is ready to go ballistic, and we can't blame her.

Of his leading lady's ability to move into a hilarious fugue state, producer Mendel commends: "People who enjoy Kristen on Saturday Night Live are going to love her in Bridesmaids because they know that she will go places no one else will go. When Kristen is drowned in chocolate, punching a giant cookie to smithereens, it's a joy.”

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