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Before Annie moves into her mother's ranch house, she shares a little apartment in Milwaukee with Gil and his sister, Brynn, that Feig describes as a "'70skind of depressing.” Sage ensured that there was wood paneling, odd chocolate-brown carpet and Formica that is 15 to 20 years out of date. The same conversation led into the creation of her workplace, Cholodecki's Jewelry Shop (built on a stage), where the team put in additional brown paneling and old-fashioned jewelry cases. Annie's trying to make a go of it, but she just feels stuck in these surroundings

Sherwood Country Club in Westlake Village, California, also allowed the production to shoot key scenes for Bridesmaids. Sage says: "I believe we're the first movie to get into Sherwood Country Club and make use of it. It was desirable because it's beautiful and has a Midwestern feeling to it. The design of the building is traditional, and the brick and the white trim didn't feel like an L.A. location. It also featured the tennis courts that figure as one of our sets during the playoff between Annie and Helen.”

He concludes: "We did the engagement party there, and of course, in the story it's as if they got married back on Helen's property, and we see them leaving after the ceremony from the front of the country club.” Sage agrees it was a great location but appreciated how it stood in for a Chicago setting. "They have dense, beautiful trees, but no mountains. It does not feel like Los Angeles. Even though we have a lot of California Oak here, they pass…I hope.”


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