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About the Locations
With Pellington at the helm, principal photography on ARLINGTON ROAD began February 2, 1998 in and around the Houston, Texas area for 10 weeks of shooting. Although several of Houston's landmarks subbed for Washington, D.C. buildings for a majority of the shoot, a final week of filming took place in D.C.'s federal district.

No structural changes were made to the homes used in the residential sequences. "There was a great irony to the two houses we wound up using," says Kruger. The two families who were relocated, so we could use their homes for the Faradays and the Langs, had actually never spoken a word to each other even though they had lived across the street from each other for a year. It was just like the characters in the film. It was through the film that they were actually introduced."

At times during the shoot in Texas, massive thunderstorms and a tornado blew through the area, but cast and crew were able to work around them. "During some of the night shoots, it got pretty wintry and we couldn't have any breath frosting since the film is supposed to take place in spring and summer," says Kruger. "That got a little dicey, but it worked out."

It was director Pellington who decided to reunite his Going All The Way team of cinematographer Bobby Bukowski and production designer Therese DePrez. "Aesthetically, we were all on the same page, so at times we could work much quicker by having that shorthand," Pellington said. His wife, costume designer Jennifer Barrett-Pellington, was another key player of Pellington's core team with whom he had worked previously. "We decided to work with a new editor, Conrad Buff, and a new composer, Angelo Badalamenti, and I have to say it really worked well, this combination of the old and the new."


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