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The Visual World
"We definitely want to take the audience on a journey beyond and different than what they've seen in the previous ‘Pirates' movies,” notes Jerry Bruckheimer. "With ‘On Stranger Tides,' we have the great director of photography Dariusz Wolski, who has done all three previous ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' films and, this time, works for the first time in digital 3D. We also have a brilliant Academy Award®–winning production designer, John Myhre, who was brought in by Rob Marshall, and we've filmed in all-new locations ranging from Hawaii to the Caribbean to London.”

For Myhre, the task to design the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean” epic was literally a dream come true. "Pirates of the Caribbean is just my favorite ride at Disneyland. I think I've been on the ride every year since it opened in 1967. I grew up in Seattle, but my family came down once a year to Disneyland.”

As soon as Rob Marshall was announced as director for "On Stranger Tides,” Myhre admits that he "literally started jumping around my living room like an 8-year-old boy.” The reason was that he had already collaborated with Marshall on all three of the director's previous features, winning Oscars® for his dynamic re-creation of the Jazz Age in "Chicago” and an astounding evocation of Kyoto, almost entirely on California locations, for "Memoirs of a Geisha.”

Before filming began, Marshall, his longtime collaborator John DeLuca and Production Designer Myhre went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride but, this time, were able to stop and examine details as research for "On Stranger Tides.” "Rob and I are both fans of all the previous ‘Pirates of the Caribbean' movies,” notes Myhre, "but it's fun to come in with a new creative team, because you have a chance to shake things out and bring your own thoughts to it. We wanted to bring a certain theatricality to ‘On Stranger Tides,' which is very character-driven. We're also expanding the ‘Pirates' world by opening the film in London of the mid-1700s, then moving on to the islands, jungles and beaches of the Caribbean.”

Explains Myhre, "The film kind of divides into three chapters: the opening in London, the middle section on the Queen Anne's Revenge, and the last third is a trek through the jungle in search of the Fountain of Youth. Looking for those thick, dense, gorgeous jungles brought us to Kauai and Oahu in Hawaii, then a huge set for the mermaid sequence in Los Angeles, on to Puerto Rico for a tiny island and historic Spanish fort, and finally to the United Kingdom for London exteriors and a large number of sets built at Pinewood Studios.”

Joining Myhre to manifest ideas, concepts and dreams into three-dimensional reality were Set Decorator Gordon Sim, who shared his Academy Award® for "Chicago” and nomination for "Nine,” U.S. Supervising Art Director Tomas Voth, U.K. Supervising Art Director Gary Freeman, and a huge team of designers, draftsmen and artists on both the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the "Pirates” shoot.

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