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An Exclusive Interview With The Penguins
Mr. Popper's penguins were interviewed on the film's New York City set. Here are excerpts from those sessions:


Q: Not to sound sexist, but with your name, many would assume you're a guy. How'd you get to be known as captain?

CAPTAIN: Only humans have a tough time with the gender thing. Trust me, my fellow penguins know right away: I'm all female. But to answer your question, I was named after the famous explorer Captain Cook because I'm considered a natural leader.

Q: So, you can get tough with your crew, but we hear you also have a softer side.

C: What can I say…I like to wiggle next to Mr. Popper when he's sleeping, hang out with him during the day – and I've even been known to give him some fashion tips.

Q: What sets you apart from Mr. Popper's other Penguins?

C: I'm toilet trained, a superb dancer (hip-hop is my newest favorite), and an expert tracker.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

C: To go where no penguin has gone before – airborne!



Q: Word on the ice is that you have an eye for the ladies.

LOVEY: They don't call me ‘Lovey' for nothing!

Q: Yep, you woo with the best. What's your secret?

L: The secret of wooing is in the cooing. Even Mrs. Popper – Mr. Popper's ex – couldn't resist my coos. Leg-hugging is another specialty of mine – with people. With penguins, I usually have them at ‘hello.'

Q: What's your proudest accomplishment?

L: I'm about to become a dad – times three!



Q: Tell us about yourself?


Q (interrupting): No need to shout….Ok, while your penguin cohorts like to communicate with a ‘honk' or a ‘chirp', you seem to prefer a thunderous ‘SQUAHNK when you want to make a point…

LOUDY: I like to make myself heard. This is not an easy group.

Q: Besides shouting and squahnking, what are your favorite pastimes?

LOUDY: I love sports, and I'm at the top of my game at soccer (which I learned to play in my new home of New York City) and slip-sliding on my belly, a skill I was pretty much born with.



Q: What's with the teeth?

BITEY: These teeth were made for biting! Just ask Mr. Popper…or his leg.

Q: So your favorite target is Mr. Popper?

B: Naw, he's become a pal. In fact, you don't want to cross me or Mr. Popper – or my teeth will make their way to your ankle!

Q: We'll keep that in mind. Besides biting people's ankles, what keeps you in shape?

B: I love soccer, but I have some challenges with bouncing the ball off my belly; instead I like to peck open the ball. Unfortunately, that's against the rules in most leagues.



Q: What's that smell?

STINKY: Sorry, I had a bad plate of sardines.

Q: Weird, it was like you were doing a familiar penguin ‘honking' noise, but the sound seemed to be coming from…

S: Never mind!

Q: It must be tough having that name.

A: Sure, but I'm proud of the fact that my spirit, sense of adventure and loyalty to Mr. Popper and my fellow penguins, are as sweet as can be!



Q: Speaking of unfortunate names…

NIMROD: Yeah, sure, so I'm clumsy. In fact, I've never met a wall I've failed to bump into. But I suppose that ‘Nimrod' is better name than ‘Crash,' which my parents also considered naming me.

Q: But there's more to you than just close encounters with immovable objects, right?

N: My friends say I'm lovable and free-spirited. I also excel at making a fort out of Mr. Popper's sofa, and thrashing around in his toilet. Good times!

Q: We hear you're a big movie buff.

N: Charlie Chaplin is The King of Comedy. There's nothing he can't do. We penguins love Chaplin so much we even modeled our walking style after his. Or was it the other way around?


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