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Andrew Fleming

The cast and producers of "Dick" are unanimous in their praise of Andrew Fleming, both for the wonderful script he wrote and his ability as a director to bring his vision to the screen.

"The wonderful thing about Andy," says producer Gale Anne Hurd, "is that he has a perfect grasp of tone, and I think that for films like this to succeed the director needs to strike the precise balance between comedy and drama. You need to understand when you need to be straight and when you need to push the comic envelope.

He has the great ability to communicate with the actors," she continues, "and get exactly what he needs."

Executive producer David Coatsworth agrees, adding that "his comedic sense is uncanny. Andy is one of the most talented directors I've worked with."

But in the end, it's the actors that benefit most from a good director.

"Andy is awesome," states Michelle Williams. "He's incredibly open to changing things or rewording things if something doesn't feel quite right."

Kirsten Dunst marvels at his ability to keep his control while working with such a varied group of actors. "He's so easygoing and easy to talk to," she says. "And the amazing thing is that I've never heard him raise his voice. He's really a lot of fun to work with and for.

"It's much easier because he also wrote the script," continues Dunst. "He knows everything he had in mind and everything he wants you to do to bring his ideas to life."

Both Dan Hedaya and Dave Foley, two of the "veterans" in the cast, singled out Fleming's ability to work with actors. "Andy is delightful," says Foley. "When the director is also the writer, there's no hesitation about adapting spur-of-the-moment ideas on the set. He'll just say, 'make something up.' He inspires good work."

"He's very open and receptive if the actors find words other than his that work better," states Dan Hedaya. "He encourages you to improvise and, as an actor, you can't ask for more than that."

As for Fleming's rapport with his young stars, Michelle Williams think she knows the secret of his success. "Underneath that manly exterior, Andy is a 15-year-old girl."

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