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Smurfs Fun Facts
• The Smurfs are three apples high, and during rehearsals, each was represented by a "life size” maquette – 7½” tall
• When it came time to film, each Smurf would be represented by a different colored dot – the actors would have to remember which dot was which Smurf
• One scene called for Gargamel to take an egg to the face. After other crew members tried and missed, it fell to director Raja Gosnell to do the job
• Gargamel's make-up test took three hours, but by mid-production, the transformation took approximately 90 minutes. Hank Azaria decided early on to shave his head in order to make the transformation quicker
• Azaria was transformed into Gargamel over 50 times and spent approximately 130 hours in the make-up chair; he would listen to classic rock during the process
• Tim Gunn, who of course had a chair on set, rarely opted to sit in it as he didn't want to wrinkle his suit
• Production shot all night – five nights in a row – at the famed toy store FAO Schwartz; almost every inch of the store was shot
• The Smurfalator took approximately three months to build, because many parts for the elaborate contraption were so hard to find. The production team eventually tracked down items at garage sales, flea markets, on ebay and Craig's List
• Two voice actors were on hand to voice the six featured Smurfs during production, so the actors had dialogue to work against. (The actors who voiced the Smurfs were also featured in the Times Square sequence with Gargamel.)
• Odile's (Sofia Vergara) wardrobe consisted of pieces from Dior, Dolce & Gabanna and Christian Louboutin
• The Belvedere Castle set was built as an exact replica of the real castle in Central Park and is 2/3 the size of the actual castle. The only thing production modified was the floor – they added wooden grates to create additional contrast
• During Neal Patrick Harris' first scene with Tim Gunn, he decided he couldn't call him by his character's original name – "Henry” – so Harris renamed the character "Henri”
• Harris ate a blue piece of candy and without realizing his mouth had turned blue, began a scene – he immediately had to wash out his mouth
• During the filming of the taxi scene, Azaria broke the back window of the cab with his Gargamel ring when he ran into it Animals on Set
• 4 basset hounds portrayed Elway – Hank, Milo, Oleander and Ziggy. Two were rescue dogs
• Six cats were on set to portray Azrael, but only four ended up working. One cat has only one scene, in which Azrael "licks his bum”
• The cats' real names are Mr. Krinkle, Vino, Cheetoh, Blaze. and FG: The Riddler (short for Frank Gorshin)
• Animal trainer Larry Madrid had a rare Burma cat on location, named GusGus. The trainer would use him to elicit snarls from the other cats – they didn't like him
• Azaria enjoyed working with the cats, and even said it was great to have a live prop to talk to About the Cast and Crew
• Azaria's son, Hal, turned one year old during production and would often come watch his daddy work
• Costume Designer Rita Ryack made an exact replica of Gargamel's costume for Hal
• Neil Patrick Harris' favorite Smurf is Grouchy
• Jayma Mays' favorite is Smurfette
• Sofia Vergara was a huge Smurfs fan in her native Colombia
• Harris would play with the maquettes, much to the delight of the crew. He would make them play fight, kiss, and jump around
• Azaria likens Gargamel & Azrael's relationship to a marriage, as they have such a tight bond
• Mays really did grow up on the Smurfs – her mother has been a fan and collector Jayma's whole life
• The Art Department created a contraption called Smurf-o-Vision, which allowed the user to see at Smurf level
• Tim Gunn was so impressed with his wardrobe, that production let him keep it and he plans to wear them on next season's ‘Project Runway' About the Visual Effects
• There are 1,014 visual effects shots in the film
• There are 1,557 3D stereo shots in the film
• 268 Sony Pictures Imageworks employees spent 358,000 hours animating the Smurfs.
• To complete the movie, the SPI computers required over 22,000,000 hours of rendering time. Some single frames had enough VFX and animation work that it could take many hours to render!
• There are 115 "bones” in a Smurf skeleton.
• There are 446 mushrooms in the Smurf village, and an additional 77 mushroom houses, for a total of 523 shrooms.
• Brainy is pushed, hit or kicked 25 times – but who's counting? About the Smurfs
• Peyo based the "Smurfberry” on a blueberry
• Peyo drew Smurfette over 300 different ways & based her on his wife & daughter
• There are 102 Smurfs in the village (100 male Smurfs, one Papa, and one Smurfette). For this film, the Smurfs introduce three never-before-named


o Crazy
o Gutsy
o Panicky
• Smurfs build their mushroom homes, they are not grown
• Smurfs are vegetarians


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