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The Characters
Brendan Gleeson on Sgt. Gerry Boyle:

He's the last of the independents – according to himself – who has seen quite a lot of life, in the sense that not an awful lot has happened to him and he's had plenty of time to think about it. He's quite erudite and well-read. He listens to music and watches films, to quite a staggering degree, but you wouldn't know it from his general conversation, as he keeps it well hidden. He's a bit of a hard-bitten man, but as with a lot of cynics, there's an idealist hidden in there somewhere.

His main flaws are that he's closed-up. He's a bit of a maverick and he does take the odd illegal substance – just to try them out. He's quite stringent about integrity. He has a ferocious honesty and that does not allow him to consort with people who are fudging issues all over the place. But, at the same time, he's not a rigid stickler for the letter of the law, if it's nonsensical and not really in the human interest. He has no real time for it, which is a little bit of a disadvantage in a guardian of the peace. Or maybe not? Don Cheadle on FBI Agent Wendell Everett:

He's a man who's near and dear to my heart. He comes from a privileged background. He comes from very good schools, but I think he's probably always interested in justice – and he's good at his job. He's from various places around the South, although he's originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and he's a bit of a nomad. He has come to this place that he knows very little about and has very little interest in knowing anything about; other than to solve the case of these drug traffickers. He's an interesting guy – he has a good heart and he's also funny. He has some quirks that are really funny and a chip on his shoulder that makes him a great person to needle.

The unique landscape of the West of Ireland is perfect for this character to come into. It can be inhospitable and it's very foreign and very different from anything Everett would be used to. Therefore, it really plays into the character's dynamic and how he interacts with all of the other characters in the movie.

He's secure in his job, but potentially insecure everywhere else. He doesn't like being made fun of. He doesn't get the joke, but when it's about the work, his strength is in the loyalty he shows. Mark Strong on Clive Cornell:

He's a career criminal and he's bored with it. I think he's got to the point in his life where he's been a successful and rather nasty criminal and has just decided that everybody he deals with in his daily working life is letting him down. I think he's really got to the end of his tether with the whole crime thing. He's disappointed in the police. He's disappointed in other criminals; the crimes that they do…He's got plenty of money, he has got everything he wanted and he's entered a melancholy phase.

He's a middle-aged criminal; he's pretty much done everything and is fed up with crime and fed up with the people he has to deal with. He says at one point that he's looking for a ‘meaningful relationship'. That would be quite some task, as he's a fairly heavy, vicious bastard, but he's a guy who's bored with what he's doing. He doesn't care anymore. He doesn't care what people think of him and he's stopped monitoring his thoughts. He just says what he thinks and is generally abusive and difficult to be around, as a result. Liam Cunningham on Francis Sheehy-Skeffington:

He's a much-misunderstood individual, I'd like to think. He's a man that's trying to get ahead in the world. He started off quite lowly and is trying to educate himself, and he supplements his educational needs financially by the importation of half-a-billion dollars' worth of drugs. I suppose he'd consider himself to have a certain amount of honor. He's a good organizer, he's a snappy dresser, he considers himself a businessman and he reads a lot of philosophy – he's very learned.

David Wilmot on Liam O'Leary:

Apparently he's a sociopath – I think his brain has been destroyed by Lithium, because he can't remember things. He's the hard man with the bad guys, the mad dog they send in to do the dirty work. He has no moral compass, so he doesn't mind killing people. He's unhinged…….Rory Keenan on Garda Aidan McBride:

Garda Aidan McBride is a policeman who's been transferred from Dublin to this backwater place out in Connemara. He's young and impressionable. He's served a few years, but initially he's the foil to Boyle. He's a nice guy - an honest fellow - but he tries too hard to impress, which leaves him exposed for Boyle to be Boyle. Fionnula Flanagan on Eileen Boyle:

She's a woman who is nearing her death. She's very ill. She's got cancer, but she and her son have a very interesting relationship. She reads a lot, she's very interested in philosophy and she's quite articulate. She's a passionate woman and has had a full life. Katarina Cas on Gabriela McBride:

She's a thirty-year-old Croatian woman who has married her husband for a visa,. When her husband goes missing, she finds herself alone in Galway- in this rainy, beautiful countryside. She's good-hearted. She's a bit naïve, maybe a bit shy, and not really comfortable in Ireland yet because of the language. I think she's a good person and she's a fighter. She's a manager at the G Hotel, so she knows what she wants, but I don't think her love life is a happy one. She and Boyle click, because he's really straightforward. He doesn't care about what's proper and what's not – he's honest in his heart.


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