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Gen-Sys: In The Beginning
Will Rodman (James Franco) is a scientist working within a large pharmaceutical corporation, Gen-Sys, conducting genetic research to develop a benign virus that restores damaged human brain tissue.  He is committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer's, a disease that afflicts his father, Charles (John Lithgow).  Will's relentless focus – "he's married to his science,” says Jaffa – has precluded personal relationships, but the connection between his research and Charles' illness brings the two together, albeit under difficult heart-rending circumstances. "Will is a cold, isolated person,” says James Franco, a recent Best Actor Oscar-nominee for his work in 127 Hours. "Most of his energy is directed towards his work. His father, Charles, is suffering from dementia so he moves into his father's house, which was once Will's childhood home, to take care of him. Being a caregiver is a role Will has never had to perform before.”

Just prior to Gen-Sys' commencement of human trials of a promising and potentially lucrative new drug, ALZ-112, Will's simian test subjects suddenly display bizarrely aggressive behavior. Management deems the research a failure and Will must shut down his program.

Amidst the confusion of the study's sudden termination, Will finds himself charged with an overlooked newborn infant chimpanzee – a male, the newly orphaned offspring of his most promising test subject.  That young chimp, destined for greatness, is named Caesar.

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