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When producer Brian Grazer decided to pair up the comedic duo of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, the result was this Spring's hysterical box office hit, Life. When Grazer came across the wickedly biting script for Bowfinger written by gifted comedian Steve Martin, he was once struck with a brilliant on-screen pairing he knew would produce comedic gold- Martin and Murphy.

Grazer and Murphy were thrilled to once again join forces (their first outing being the box office smash The Nutty Professor), and were equally as excited when they found that their next project would bring legendary funny man Steve Martin into the fold.

According to Grazer, "The fusion of these two guys is quite amazing. I mean, how could you not want to bring these two comedic icons together? There is an explosive chemistry there."

While Martin and Murphy did bring their own unique brand of comedy and improvisation to Bowfinger, it was the talented direction of Frank Oz which solidified the film's mix.

Widely-lauded for his comedic performances on screen, Steve Martin is also a writer of exceptional talent. Beginning his career 30 years ago as an Emmy Award-winning staff writer for the seminal television comedy series The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Martin has written numerous scripts and plays, regularly contributes columns and articles to such publications as The New Yorker and, most recently, has published a collection of short pieces entitled Pure Drivel. In addition, Martin's screenplays for Roxanne and L.A. Story earned him much critical praise.


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