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The Hit Man
As Dwayne and Travis put their plan into motion, they instantly get in over their heads as they embroil a professtional hit man, Chango, played by Michael Peña. "When we met him, Michael came in with that character – the voice, the accent, everything,” says Fleischer. "I was blown away by how original it was, and that's pretty much the character he ended up playing in the film. Typically, these assassin or hit man characters can be one-note, but Michael's portrayal of Chango is anything but.”

"My character is a guy from Detroit – not unlike some of the guys I grew up with in Chicago,” he notes. In fact, Peña based some of his mannerisms and vocal inflections on a guy he knew back home. "When I read the script, it struck me how real the character was, because I know a guy just like that.”

"It is such a pleasure to watch an actor create a character that is everything that it was on the page, plus so much more,” says Cornfeld. "The dramatic intensity of the character is heightened all the way to a comic reality.”

"I don't really get to play gangsters, believe it or not,” Peña continues. "I go to auditions and I see people who actually have been to jail – they have the tears and the scars on their faces – and I went to prep school, you know what I mean? It doesn't really work out.”

As much as his fellow cast members were blown away by his performance, so too was Peña gratified by the chance to work with his co-stars. "I actually had Aziz's CD in my car – I was driving to the set, laughing at his jokes,” he says. "I almost felt like that Chris Farley character – I'd go up to him and say, ‘Remember when you said – ' and I'd totally mess up the joke, and he'd respond, ‘Yeah, I wrote that, man. It's cool.'”

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