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"The Help" In Theaters
When "The Help” opens in theaters on August 10, 2011, the audience will be treated to a moving story of hope and courage, laced throughout with large doses of humor.

"The film is entertaining and moving…and very, very funny,” says Producer Chris Columbus.

"Yet all of this exists with a historical undercurrent in the background. It's like a teardrop of history in the film. You get a sense of what is going on, but at the same time you're investing in the lives of these very real characters.”

"The Help” is already having a personal effect on viewers as advance screenings to various groups attest. There has been strong support, especially from leaders in the African- American community, who feel a personal connection to the film's time and place.

Says Derrick Thomas, National Vice President Eastern Region, AFLCIO, "I simply loved the film. It was such a great movie and definitely is a ‘must see.' I was a teenager during this period in history so I have very personal recollections.”

Comments Kuae Mattox, National President, Mocha Moms Inc., "I wept during the movie, not only because it was poignant, but because there are striking parallels to our own status as stay-at-home mothers. Many of our ancestors were ‘the help.' They were the cooks and the maids and the seamstresses who broke their backs to give their families, especially their children, a better future.”

Tate Taylor sums up his hopes for the film's impact on the viewing audience. "I hope it will make people stop and consider their past and start sharing their own personal stories about what someone meant to them.”

Taylor continues, "It's honoring these people, past and present, because these characters are heard and seen in this movie and that serves as a touchstone for remembrance and tribute for the people watching.”

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